Anastasia Woolmer is a contestant from Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders (2019).

Beginning the game aligned with Luke Toki, Anastasia initially seemed safe, despite her abrasive and paranoid behavior. Although Pia Miranda seemed destined to be eliminated at their first Tribal Council, Nova Peris quickly identified Anastasia as a threat, and convinced her alliance to eliminate Anastasia instead.


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Memory Champion
A memory athlete and two-time Australian Memory Champion, Anastasia is not someone who will be going under the radar.
Anastasia is hoping her memory training and skills will help her in the game of Survivor saying, "Survivor is such an amazing overall challenge, both physical and mental. I will use my memory skills to retain information about events and other competitors to use to my advantage."
Leaving home at 15 to join the Australian Ballet School, Anastasia performed around the world in places like Norway, Sweden and USA which she also thinks will be an advantage in the game as it uses the same skills she needed as a ballerina both physically and mentally.
She also admits to having a strong personality and hopes that it won't grate on her fellow castaways and work in her favour. "I don't intend to fly under the radar. I believe that my personality does not naturally allow me to do that and so is not in my best interest."
Before getting into memory training, Anastasia got a finance degree and worked as a fixed income broker but her love for memory skills overtook and she started training to build her skills.[1]

Australian Survivor

Anastasia began the season as a member of the Champions tribe. The group quickly divided into two alliances, with Anastasia siding with the "non-athletes". After losing the inaugural Immunity Challenge on Day 2, Anastasia and her alliance initially targeted Susie Maroney, but after learning that none of the athletes were willing to vote for Susie, Anastasia's alliance switched their target to Pia Miranda. In a last ditch attempt to save herself, Pia talked to Susie, telling her that both of their names had been brought up by Anastasia. With help from Nova Peris, the three women tried to persuade the rest of the athletes to vote out Anastasia instead. At Tribal Council, their plan proved successful, eliminating Anastasia in a 9-3 vote, with only Luke Toki and Janine Allis voting alongside her.

Voting History

Anastasia's Voting History
Episode Anastasia's
Voted Against
1 Pia Abbey, David, ET, Nova, Pia,
Ross, Simon, Steven, Susie
Voted Out, Day 2


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