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Amy O'Hara is a contestant from Survivor: Guatemala.

Amy suffered two ankle injuries during the course of her game. Despite being well-liked, her second injury prompted her tribe to vote her out one vote shy of the merge.


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Born and raised in Revere, Massachusetts, Amy O'Hara graduated from Curry College in Milton, Massachusetts. She is currently a Sergeant Detective in the Major Crimes Unit of the Revere Police Department. She is the first female sergeant in the history of the Revere Police Department, and she loves her job.

Having once played professional football, O'Hara remains physically active and likes to participate in anything competitive, including golf, softball and basketball. Additionally, she regularly trains with weights. In her spare time, she enjoys reading magazines, listening to music and dancing.

O'Hara's primary motivation for being on Survivor is to have the experience of a lifetime. She believes her greatest asset to the tribe will be motivating people to do things that they wouldn't normally do. Though she knows she has leadership abilities, she is sure she can work well as a member of a team, if that is what it will take to get along with others and get ahead in the game. She believes she has a good chance of becoming Sole Survivor because she knows how to persuade people and has great instincts.

Her perfect day would be playing in a game of the Women's Softball National Championships, winning, then having drinks with her husband and her teammates. As a die-hard Red Sox fan, her dream is to throw the first pitch at a game.

O'Hara has been married to Frank Shea for 10 years and has two cats, Fatima and Scrappy. Her birth date is November 2, 1965.[1]


Amy was placed on the Yaxhá tribe, and quickly bonded with Gary Hogeboom. She did not make many strong relationships with the others on her tribe, but was kept around due to her physical strength. Amy twisted her ankle during a Mayan basketball-like game, but was still kept on the tribe in favor of the weak make-up artist Brianna Varela.

On Day 9, Yaxhá headed to what was thought to be a Reward Challenge. They were asked a series of questions. The tribe felt that Amy and Gary deserve a trip to the local Mayan Ruins. They, along with Nakúm's Judd Sergeant and Margaret Bobonich, enjoyed a wonderful picnic. Amy asked Gary about being a former NFL football player, which he denied. When they returned, Amy was blown away when she saw Bobby Jon Drinkard, Blake Towsley, Brandon Bellinger, and Danni Boatwright at the Yaxhá camp. When they learned that a Tribe Switch had occurred just after they left, Amy felt the original Yaxhá was decimated. Amy tried to make look like she could walk to avoid being targeted. The new Yaxhá won the Immunity Challenge, so Amy avoided Tribal Council. Amy's ankle had started to heal and the target then shifted to Brian Corridan. Yaxhá also won the Reward Challenge. Blake was annoying everyone with his stories about his wild party days. Yaxhá lost immunity. Brian edged Blake to keep to on talking. This caused Blake's elimination.

The next challenge was for a feast. Both tribes had to go to Tribal Council. Both Ami and Danni scored points for Yaxhá twice. During the challenge, Amy injured her ankle again. Brian wanted to blindside Bobby Jon. However, Amy and Gary didn't want to vote out their strongest member. They turned on Brian, blindsiding him. Yaxhá won the chocolate feast and a hanging adventure. They even invited the rival Nakúm to a pool party because it was Danni's birthday. Unfortunately, Yaxhá lost immunity. Amy tried to convince the others to vote Bobby Jon, hoping for a miracle. The tribe deemed Amy's ankle was too troublesome and she was voted out unanimously. 

Voting History

Episode Amy's
Voted Against
1 Yaxhá Tribe Immune
2 Morgan -
3 Brianna -
4 Yaxhá Tribe Immune
5 Blake -
6 Brian -
7 Bobby Jon Bobby Jon, Brandon,
Danni, Gary
Voted Out, Day 18



  • Amy was a replacement contestant, replacing Tina Scheer, who backed out because of her son's death. Scheer reapplied for the following season, Survivor: Panama, and made it onto the show.
  • Amy is the one who gave Blake Towsley the nickname Golden Boy.


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