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Paulo "Amendoim" Martins is a contestant from No Limite 1.


Name (Age): Paulo César Martins (44)
Tribe Designation: Sol
Current Residence: Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Occupation: English Teacher

He has four children and is best known for "Peanut". He graduated in letters from the University Gama Filho. He lived 12 years between Europe and the United States representing Brazil in athletics. He is currently president of the Association of Residents of Bairro Barcelos (AMABB) in Rocinha, and give English classes to over 60 students. Also works as a social educator and tour guide. Participates in the Olympic Village project in the slum.

No Limite 1

Voting History

Amendoim's Voting History
Episode Amendoim's
Voted Against
1 Hilca -
2 Ilma Ilma, Marcus,
Pipa, Thiago
Voted Out, Day 6

Post-No Limite

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  • Paulo is the oldest male at the Sol tribe.


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