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Amanda Lee Kimmel is a contestant from Survivor: China, Survivor: Micronesia, and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.

In China, she was part of the dominant Fei Long Alliance, forming particularly close bonds with Courtney Yates and Todd Herzog. Amanda orchestrated the first ever "flushing" of a Hidden Immunity Idol in Survivor history, blindsiding ally James Clement with two idols in his pocket. She eventually made it to the end along with Courtney and Todd, but her lackluster performance during the Final Tribal Council resulted in her losing to Todd in a 4-2-1 vote, only receiving one vote to win and becoming the second runner-up.

In Micronesia, she formed a relationship with Ozzy Lusth and joined the Malakal Couples Alliance that controlled the pre-merge portion of the game. After Ozzy's blindside following the merge, she shifted loyalties to the Black Widow Brigade, working in tandem with the alliance to orchestrate several consecutive blindsides. She eventually once again managed to make it to the end of the game, making her the first player in Survivor history to make it to Day 39 on two separate occasions. However, another lackluster performance at the Final Tribal Council caused her to finish second to her ally Parvati Shallow in a close 5-3 vote.

In Heroes vs. Villains, she worked her way into a power position in the Heroes Alliance. However, after ally J.T. Thomas's elimination at the merge signaled the impending doom of the alliance, Amanda and her allies found themselves scrambling for power, with Amanda getting into a catfight with Danielle DiLorenzo over a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol, which she eventually ceded to Danielle. Although extended one last glimmer of hope when Sandra Diaz-Twine wanted to defect to their alliance, Amanda's fate was sealed when Candice Cody flipped to the opposing Villains alliance, ultimately being voted out in 9th place, marking the only time that she was voted out in her Survivor career.


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Amanda Kimmel has lived all over the state of Montana. She most recently worked as a hiking tour guide and continues to hone her skills as an artist while learning about the fashion industry. At the age of 16, she began modeling in Chicago, where she lived on her own for one year. She has also worked as a make-up artist, retail sales representative and waitress. Her goal is to develop a business within the fashion industry.

Kimmel has competed in many beauty pageants and was crowned Miss Montana USA in 2005 and placed in the Top 8 for Miss Earth in 2006. She's been on the cover of Montana Living Magazine and Pageantry Magazine. Kimmel has been to China twice before to compete in the Miss Kite of the World Pageant in Weifang, where she placed as a semifinalist, was given a key to the city and was heavily promoted on billboards and news articles. While promoting tourism via these pageants, she did volunteer work at orphanages and other organizations and was permitted to fly kites off the Great Wall in five-inch heels.

Kimmel's hobbies include hiking, running, drawing and painting. She enjoys rock climbing, snowshoeing, kickboxing and volleyball. Kimmel describes herself as motivated, competitive and determined. She has camped every weekend in Montana since she was three years old. She tries never to leave home without her cowboy boots.

Kimmel just moved from Kalispell, Montana to Los Angeles and is living with her sister, Katrina. Her family has one dog, Sassy, one cat, Cleo and one horse, Frisco. Her birth date is August 3, 1984.[1]

Amanda Kimmel has lived all over the state of Montana. She most recently worked as a hiking tour guide and continues to hone her skills as an artist while learning about the fashion industry. She began modeling in Chicago at the age of 16 where she lived on her own for one year. She previously worked as a make-up artist, retail sales representative and waitress. Her goal is to develop a business within the fashion industry.

Kimmel has competed in many beauty pageants and was crowned Miss Montana USA in 2005 and placed in the Top 8 for Miss Earth in 2006. She's been on the cover of Montana Living Magazine and Pageantry Magazine. Kimmel has been to China twice before to compete in the Miss Kite of the World Pageant in Weifang. She placed as a semi-finalist and was given a key to the city and was heavily promoted on billboards and in news articles. While promoting tourism via these pageants, she did volunteer work at orphanages and other organizations and was also permitted to fly kites off the Great Wall in five inch heels.

Kimmel's hobbies include hiking, designing, drawing and painting. She enjoys rock climbing, snowshoeing, kickboxing and volleyball. Kimmel describes herself as motivated, competitive and determined. She has camped every weekend in Montana since she was three years old. She tries never to leave home without her cowboy boots.

Kimmel just moved from Kalispell, Montana to Los Angeles and is living with her sister, Katrina. Her family has one dog, Sassy, two cats, Cleo and Lynus, and one horse, Frisco. Her birth date is August 3, 1984.[2]

Amanda Kimmel (24)

Tribe: Heroes
Hometown: Kalispell, Mont.
Current Residence: Los Angeles, Calif.
Personal Claim To Fame: "Becoming Miss Montana USA/Miss Earth USA."
Inspiration in Life: "God."
Previous Finishes: China: 2nd Runner Up; Micronesia: Runner Up
Favorite Past Moment: "Finding the hidden immunity on Exile on Fans vs Favs! It was like Christmas!"
Previous Survivor She Respects Most: James Clement (China, Micronesia)
Previous Survivor She Respects Least: Richard Hatch (Borneo, All-Stars)

Why Did She Come Back?: "Because I am really competitive and wanted to prove I could win!"[3]



Amanda was initially placed on the Fei Long tribe, where she formed an early alliance with Aaron Reisberger, Courtney Yates, and Todd Herzog. During the early days of the game Amanda, like most of the women on the tribe, grew to dislike Jean-Robert Bellande due to his perceived creepiness. After losing their first Immunity Challenge on Day 9, Amanda originally planned on voting for Jean-Robert. However, due to Leslie Nease being kidnapped by Zhan Hu and admitting that she was closer to them than she was to her original tribe, Amanda decided she was too much of a threat to keep, and Leslie was eliminated in a 6-2 vote.

After the tribe switch on Day 13, Fei Long lost its two strongest members, Aaron and James Clement, and Amanda lost one of her closest allies. Despite this, they gained original Zhan Hu members Frosti Zernow and Sherea Lloyd. When the new Zhan Hu tribe threw the next Immunity Challenge to vote out a former Fei Long member, Aaron was voted out. Amanda and Todd, who had grown closer since the switch, planned to kidnap James and give him the Hidden Immunity Idol so that he could throw the challenge and vote out a member of the Zhan Hu Alliance. Despite this, Denise Martin was unable to win the challenge for Fei Long, sending them to Tribal Council once again. Despite Courtney's pleas to vote out Jean-Robert, Amanda voted out Sherea as she felt it would be the smartest move going into the merge.

After the tribes merged into the Hae Da Fung tribe on Day 20, James rejoined the Fei Long Alliance, and together they voted out Zhan Hu member Jaime Dugan. Amanda considered James to be one of the biggest threats remaining as he had both of the Hidden Immunity Idols and was the biggest physical threat. At the following Reward Challenge, Amanda's team won a trip to a Chinese village and a meal. At the previous Tribal Council, Jean-Robert became aware of the existence of the Hidden Immunity Idol and Amanda had to act surprised in order to not let him know she already knew where both the idols were. Amanda planned on voting out Peih-Gee Law next in order to keep her alliance strong, and became suspicious of Todd when he suggested voting out James and then quickly switching the plan to voting out Jean-Robert. Despite her suspicions, Amanda stuck with her alliance and voted out Jean-Robert next.

On Day 26, Amanda's team won the Reward Challenge and won an overnight cruise. During the reward, Amanda grew closer to Erik Huffman, stating that she would like to see him stick around as long as possible. At the following Immunity Challenge, the castaways were given the choice to sit out of the challenge and enjoy a feast of burgers and fries or compete in the challenge. Amanda decided that immunity was more important than food so she competed in the challenge, being the only member of her alliance to do so; she, however, lost the challenge to Peih-Gee. At Tribal Council, the vote came down to Erik and Frosti. Amanda eventually decided to vote for Frosti as he was a bigger threat and had grown close to Courtney.

Amanda once again noticed how much of a threat James was becoming as he still possessed both Hidden Immunity Idols. She convinced her alliance that the final seven was the time to vote him out because if they did not do so, then he would be guaranteed a spot in the final four (being able to use his idols at the final six and five) and could easily win from there. She also told Peih-Gee to act as if she was going home, without telling her who the target was, in order to lessen James' suspicion about being blindsided. At Tribal Council, Amanda's plan came to fruition and James was blindsided with both idols in his pocket. The next Reward Challenge was the Loved Ones Challenge and Amanda was extremely excited to see her sister, Katrina. Denise won the challenge and picked Amanda to join her on the reward, so she got to spend a night with her sister. Amanda also came close to winning the following Immunity Challenge, but she lost it to Peih-Gee. Since Peih-Gee had immunity, Amanda and her alliance were forced to vote out the only outsider left, Erik.

Amanda won the next Immunity Challenge and continued growing suspicious of Todd, worried that he would flip on anyone to get ahead and noted how good of a game he was playing. Due to this, she considered Peih-Gee's plan to vote him out. However, at Tribal Council, she deemed Peih-Gee to be the bigger threat and voted her out over Todd. Now having reached the final four, the Fei Long Alliance was forced to turn on itself. On Day 37, Amanda won a very important Reward Challenge and chose to share it with Todd. During the reward, Amanda confessed her suspicions to Todd and told him that she did not trust him. Todd reaffirmed his loyalty to her and promised that they would go to the end together. Despite this, she was still wary of Todd and promised Denise that she would have her back. At the Final Immunity Challenge the following day, Amanda took a unique approach to the challenge, stacking her dishes upside down. This strategy paid off as the challenge eventually came down to Amanda and Denise. Denise attempted to strike a deal with Amanda, though Amanda bluntly turned her down. Amanda's strategy in the challenge and the previous reward paid off as she outlasted Denise and won her second immunity in a row. Amanda was conflicted as she had promised both Denise and Todd that she would not vote for them. At Tribal Council, Denise called Amanda out on her promise, which she quickly denied. Todd smirked at this and stated that it was sly of Amanda to do that, which angered Amanda. Amanda eventually decided to vote out Denise as she believed that Denise could easily win over the jury.

After Tribal Council, Amanda was still angry at Todd for his actions at Tribal Council. Todd apologized, yet Amanda did not believe him. At the Final Tribal Council, Amanda admitted how hard it was for her to stay honest with everyone. She answered the jurors' questions poorly and apologized numerous times for the moves she had made. This disastrous performance ended up losing her the game as she finished in third place behind Todd and Courtney, receiving only Erik's vote.

Voting History

Episode Amanda's
Voted Against
1 Fei Long Tribe Immune
2 Fei Long Tribe Immune
3 Leslie -
4 Fei Long Tribe Immune
5 Fei Long Tribe Immune
6 Sherea -
7 Jaime -
8 Jean-Robert -
9 Frosti -
11 James -
12 Erik -
13 Peih-Gee Individual Immunity
14 Denise Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Amanda
Second Runner-Up, Day 39


Amanda returned as one of the ten favorites who would compete against a tribe of die-hard Survivor fans. Amanda quickly formed an alliance with Ozzy Lusth, telling him that he is her favorite player of all time which sparked their relationship. When James Clement and Parvati Shallow sparked their own relationship, they rallied in Amanda and Ozzy to make an alliance, and they soon recruited Jon Dalton as a fifth member. Losing the first Immunity Challenge, Malakal was sent to Tribal Council first, where Jon shocked everyone by requesting that they vote him out so that he could be with his expectant girlfriend. In return, Amanda and the rest of the Favorites unanimously sent the villain home.

Amanda's "couples alliance" became a looming force, concerning Cirie Fields and Jonathan Penner, who awoke in the middle of the night catching Amanda and Ozzy having a steamy moment. Jonathan offered Cirie a place in an alliance with Ami Cusack, Eliza Orlins, and Yau-Man Chan. Any strategies were put on hold, however, as Malakal secured victory in the second Immunity Challenge.

After a failed attempt to swing Eliza to the alliance of couples, Amanda and Parvati took Cirie on a fishing trip, where the two proposed about going to the end as the final three, but only if she joined the couples alliance. They assured Cirie that they would be unable to beat either James or Ozzy in the endgame, making the plan mutually beneficial. Cirie agreed, but they would have to help her eliminate her biggest threat, Yau-Man. After Malakal lost the third Immunity Challenge, Amanda's alliance followed Cirie's lead, sending Yau-Man home over their initial target Eliza.

Amanda would be safe for the next cycle, as Malakal won the fourth Immunity Challenge. Amanda's ally Ozzy revealed that he successfully obtained the Hidden Immunity Idol, bringing forth a higher degree of power to the alliance. However, the celebration was short-lived, as the alliance was split in half during a tribe switch, which sent James and Parvati to the rival Airai tribe, while Amanda and Ozzy stayed as Malakal members.

After losing the fifth Immunity Challenge, Cirie told Amanda that one of the newcomers, the massive Joel Anderson, would be a bigger physical threat if he were allowed deeper into the game. Convinced, Amanda, the remaining Favorites, and Chet Welch and Tracy Hughes-Wolf, who were outsiders from the original Airai tribe from the beginning, eliminated a visibly stunned Joel. By voting out their strongest member, Malakal suffered a lengthy losing streak, losing all subsequent Immunity Challenges. Amanda and the original Malakal members banded together and eliminated Chet and Tracy for weakness and threat status respectively. The last Fan in Malakal, Erik Reichenbach, revealed that Ami was secretly plotting with the Fans and against the Favorites. Though she tried to explain her side of the story, Ami's treachery was ultimately caught, and she was disposed of. With Ami's elimination, Malakal was reduced to four.

When the tribes merged on Day 22, the couples alliance regrouped, but Parvati shocked Amanda that the former would include her in plot to disband the couples alliance and potentially dominate the game under a new alliance—the "Black Widow Brigade," consisting of Amanda, Cirie, Parvati, and Alexis Jones and Natalie Bolton, the two Fans whom Parvati swore Amanda's name with. Initially chagrining over Parvati's plotting using her name without consent, and a growing dislike of Alexis (who was becoming increasingly chummy with Ozzy), Amanda eventually went with the plan. At Dabu's first Tribal Council, Eliza fatally used a fake Hidden Immunity Idol she received from fellow non-allied Jason Siska, and she outright theorized that Ozzy must have planted it after he found the real one during his time on Exile Island, in which Ozzy confessed he did have it. With no allies, Eliza, the only woman that was outside of the brewing all-girl alliance, was voted out, becoming the first member of the jury. After the next Reward Challenge, Amanda would join Erik, Jason, and Ozzy to a trip to the island of Yap for a feast.

At the next Immunity Challenge, which required endurance, Jason and Parvati were the last two standing. But being an obvious odd man out, Jason tried to increase his odds by telling Parvati that he would step down and give her immunity, but she and everyone must promise not to vote him out. Eventually, everyone including Parvati half-heartedly agreed, winning herself immunity. Amanda and the other girls crossed their fingers, half-giggling while James and Ozzy were bewildered as well. Back at camp, Amanda, Erik, James, and Ozzy talked about reneging their promise; while unbeknownst to them, Cirie and Parvati were starting to put the all-women alliance in motion by working through the former's deal with Jason, using the promise as a platform for Ozzy's elimination and to flush out the idol in the process. Knowing Amanda's loyalty to Ozzy, she was left out of the plot. Still oblivious to the plan, Amanda cast her vote for Jason, thinking that he would go home but was shocked when it was Ozzy who was sent home with the idol in his back pocket.

After the vote, Amanda and James consoled each other for being left out in the open. But unlike James, who quietly accepted the predicament, a furious Amanda went to Cirie and Parvati to ask them why she was not informed of the plan beforehand, but the two assured her that the all-girl alliance (and their secret final three deal) was still intact. During a Survivor Auction, Amanda won herself a serving of milk and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, while her ally, Natalie, strategically sent Jason to Exile Island after host Jeff Probst revealed the existence of a second Hidden Immunity Idol. While Jason indeed found the idol, the girls at the Dabu camp started plotting against Jason by making Natalie tell Jason he was safe so he would opt not to use the idol. The plan worked with Jason confidently not using his idol, but he found himself blindsided instead.

At the next Reward Challenge, Alexis won and chose to send Amanda to Exile Island after the latter had asked to be sent there. She found all the clues and the final clue told her that another Hidden Immunity Idol was buried back at camp, under the tribe flag. After James's medical evacuation on Day 31, Erik was the last man and alliance outsider standing. But to the girls' dismay, Erik won the next Immunity Challenge, forcing the women to turn on each other. Before Tribal Council, Amanda showed her bag, stating that she did not have the idol. Later, she begged Cirie to not vote for her, with Cirie stating that she would not take the risk of drawing rocks. Amanda approached Erik next, telling that Erik has yet to return the favor when he was kept over Ami but was again fruitless. Amanda's last hope, Parvati, agreed to help, by keeping the others from going to the beach where Amanda was digging for the idol, under the premise that Amanda was having a bathroom break. At Tribal Council, the tribe agreed that Amanda was the biggest threat in terms of likability, with Parvati openly stating that she would vote with Amanda. Surprisingly, Amanda fooled everyone by pulling the Hidden Immunity Idol, effectively canceling all votes against her. Amanda excitingly said that she did not have the idol then since the idol was back at camp, so she did not lie, much to the delight of the jury members. With only two votes against her, Alexis was eliminated.

Amanda, Cirie, and Parvati reaffirmed their final three deal by agreeing to eliminate the remaining Fans, Erik and Natalie. They manipulated Erik (who won the Reward Challenge) by sending Parvati to Exile Island so neither of the fans would not have the chance to find the last Hidden Immunity Idol. Erik chose Amanda to join at the reward, to pay back his debt. Later, Erik won the next Immunity Challenge, forcing the women to eliminate one of their own again. As a solution, Cirie told Natalie to convince Erik to give up his necklace to her, and in return, she and Cirie would help him vote Amanda out. At Tribal Council, Amanda taunted Erik by fictitiously castigating him for his deception, which was followed by Natalie and Parvati, forcing him to give his Immunity Necklace to Natalie in hopes of redemption. The plan worked, and Erik was voted out. While she was a part of the Black Widow Brigade, Natalie, the last Fan standing, soon followed.

Amanda, Cirie, and Parvati all celebrated, believing that they were in the Final Three and even decided to release their last chicken Gloria as a form of celebration, but they were soon devastated that only two of them would be in contention to be the Sole Survivor, and another Immunity Challenge would commence. Amanda won the Final Immunity Challenge, making history as the first to make it to Day 39 twice. She then had to make what she thought was the "most difficult decision of her life." At Tribal Council, a sobbing Amanda admitted that her decision was very hard, as there were reasons to take either Cirie or Parvati. Ultimately, she sent Cirie to the jury, bringing Parvati with her to the Final Two as she thought she would not have a chance at winning against Cirie.

At the Final Tribal Council, Amanda was castigated by the female jurors for being seemingly melodramatic during the previous Tribal Councils, while the men blasted Parvati for her numerous deceptions. While Ozzy was mostly furious with Parvati's betrayal, he admitted that he was most angry for the fact that he could have spent more time with Amanda, and expressed his love for her.

Three of the men voted for Amanda, but it was Parvati who took the title of Sole Survivor by securing all four of the females' jury votes and Jason's vote, thus landing Amanda the title of runner-up once again.

Voting History

Episode Amanda's
Voted Against
1 Jon -
2 Malakal Tribe Immune
3 Yau-Man -
4 Malakal Tribe Immune
5 Joel -
6 Chet -
7 Tracy -
8 Ami -
9 Eliza -
10 Jason -
11 Jason -
12 Alexis Alexis, Cirie,
Erik, Natalie
13 Erik -
14 Natalie Individual Immunity
Cirie Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Amanda
Erik, James, Ozzy
Runner-Up, Day 39

^1 In "I'm Gonna Fix Her!", Amanda used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating 4 votes against her.

Heroes vs. Villains

Amanda was a member of a majority alliance on the Heroes tribe consisting of herself, Cirie Fields, James Clement, J.T. Thomas, and Rupert Boneham, putting Candice Woodcock, Colby Donaldson, Stephenie LaGrossa, Sugar Kiper, and Tom Westman on the outside (although Colby, Stephenie, and Tom were in an alliance, Candice and Sugar found themselves in the middle). However, Colby, Stephenie, and Tom were spared after the Heroes lost the first Immunity Challenge when the tribe mutually agreed that the much weaker and more annoying Sugar should leave, and was unanimously voted out.

At their next Immunity Challenge loss, Stephenie was immediately blamed for the loss by James, who viewed her as a bit of an omen due to her losing streak in Palau. The alliance of Colby, Stephenie, and Tom tried to pull Candice and Cirie into their voting bloc against Amanda. However, after a heated Tribal Council, the two women voted out Stephenie, further putting Colby and Tom on the outs.

The Heroes enjoyed an immunity win in the third round, but after another loss, the alliance of Colby and Tom were once again targeted. Tom had found a Hidden Immunity Idol after the loss, so Amanda and the majority agreed to split their votes between Colby and Tom, so that if Tom played the idol, Colby would go. Unknowingly, J.T. flipped and helped to take out Cirie.

Amanda's alliance maintained their majority, voting out Tom at the next Tribal Council. During the Heroes' Tribal Council at the Double Tribal Council, the tribe mutually voted out James due to a knee injury sustained at a previous challenge.

The Heroes would win the next three Immunity Challenges and make the merge. The Heroes targeted Jerri Manthey, but Amanda told former Micronesia Parvati Shallow that the Heroes were targeting her, although Parvati did not believe it (Parvati had told Amanda about her Hidden Immunity Idol in exchange to know the Heroes target). Parvati shocked everyone by playing idols on both Jerri and Sandra Diaz-Twine, causing all of the Heroes' votes to be nullified and causing J.T. to be unanimously voted out.

Amanda, Colby, and Danielle DiLorenzo won a Reward Challenge the next round and got to watch Treasure Island in the former home of Robert Louis Stevenson. Danielle found a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol in the popcorn bowl but was caught by Amanda while trying to hide it. Amanda grabbed the clue out of her hand causing a fight between the two women over who should have the clue. Colby intervened and stated that Danielle should keep the clue since she found it, resulting in Amanda being annoyed with Colby for not sticking up for her. At Tribal Council, Amanda was voted out 6-3 when Candice flipped over to the Villains to help get rid of her after being persuaded by Russell Hantz.

At the Final Tribal Council, Amanda voted for Sandra, who would end up winning a second time.

Voting History

Episode Amanda's
Voted Against
1 Sugar Sugar
2 Stephenie Colby, Stephenie, Tom
3 Heroes Tribe Immune
4 Tom1 -
5 Tom -
6 James -
7 Heroes Tribe Immune
8 Heroes Tribe Immune
9 Heroes Tribe Immune
10 Jerri2 -
11 Parvati Candice, Danielle, Jerri,
Parvati, Russell, Sandra
Voted Out, Day 30
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In "Tonight, We Make Our Move", Tom used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating Amanda's vote against him.
^2 In "Going Down in Flames", Jerri used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating Amanda's vote against her.



  • Amanda is originally from the state of Montana, but had already moved to California when she became a Survivor contestant. The first castaway to be a resident of Montana when playing was Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff in Nicaragua.
  • Amanda is the youngest woman on the original Fei Long tribe.
  • Amanda and Todd Herzog voted for the same people on China and were part of the majority in each of their votes.
  • Amanda is the first contestant to win the Final Immunity Challenge and finish as the second runner-up. She would be followed by Russell Hantz in Heroes vs. Villains, Noura Salman in Island of the Idols, Xander Hastings in Survivor 41, and Romeo Escobar in Survivor 42.
  • Amanda is the first finalist to receive a jury vote and finish in third place. She would be followed by Missy Payne in San Juan del Sur and Ryan Ulrich in Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.
  • Amanda lost 25 lbs. during her time on China.[8]
  • Amanda is the youngest castaway on the original Malakal tribe and the youngest woman on Micronesia.
  • Amanda is the first woman to find and use a Hidden Immunity Idol, and the second contestant overall to successfully play it in its modern format, following Yau-Man Chan on Fiji.
  • Amanda and Cirie Fields are the first contestants to make the final four and the finale episode twice.
  • On both China and Micronesia, Amanda won the last two Immunity Challenges.
  • Amanda is the first castaway to make the Final Tribal Council twice.
    • She is the first player to make it to the Final Tribal Council in back-to-back seasons.
    • She is the only castaway to make the Final Tribal Council twice without either appearance being an all-returnee season.
  • Amanda is the first castaway to only receive uncounted elimination votes over the course of a season, negating the only elimination votes against her with a Hidden Immunity Idol in Micronesia.
  • Amanda has played all her three seasons with James Clement and has outlasted him on all of them.
    • In their profiles for Heroes vs. Villains, both Amanda and James referred to each other as the previous Survivor castaway that they respected the most.
  • Amanda is the youngest castaway on Heroes vs. Villains.
  • Amanda is the first returning player to accumulate 100 days over their Survivor career.
  • Amanda, Russell Hantz, and Tony Vlachos are the only castaways to play at least three times and only be eliminated once.
  • Amanda lasted a record 108 days overall as a castaway without being voted out, counting her first day in China, until she was voted out on Day 30 of Heroes vs. Villains.
  • Amanda lost 12 lbs. during her time on Heroes vs. Villains.[9]


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