Aliséa Lecomte is a contestant from Koh-Lanta: La Guerre des Chefs. She was evacuated on Day 5, as her physical capacities did not allow her to continue with the game.


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Etudiante en STAPS

20 ans - Ille-et-Vilaine (35)

La benjamine de cette saison, 20 ans. Aliséa est étudiante en sport, en STAPS, spécialité athlétisme, elle a du tonus, et un petit caractère bien trempé. Elle devra trouver sa place au milieu d'autres concurrents forcément plus âgés qu'elle. A elle de faire de sa jeunesse, de son insouciance et de sa rage de vaincre une force dans KL.


On the second day of the game, Aliséa was chosen by Maxime to be a member of the blue team. She rapidly integrated herself with the rest of her tribe who all talked about how they admired her for participating at such a young age. She was shown having a particularly good relationship with Cindy on the first episode. When Ikalu lost the first Immunity Challenge, she voted Frédéric out with the majority of her tribemates and received one vote from the tribe chief, Maxime, who was wary of her not being confident enough in her capacities.

The lack of food really took its toll on the young athlete and she quickly lost a lot of weight. After being taken to the infirmary, the Doctor considered it was too dangerous for her to reenter the game and Frédéric replaced her immediately.

Voting History

Aliséa's Voting History
Episode Aliséa's
Voted Against
1 Frédéric Maxime
Evacuated, Day 5


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