Alain Ponton is a contestant from Koh-Lanta: Vanuatu.


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  • 49 ans
  • Marne
  • Meunier
  • Taille: 1m87
  • Poids: 90 kg
  • Vos centres d'intérêt et sports pratiqués? Bricolage, musique, triathlon
  • Votre principale qualité? Courageux
  • Votre principal défaut? Têtu
  • Vos motivations pour participer à Koh-Lanta: Vivre une aventure exceptionnelle et découvrir ses limites dans un environnement hors du commun.
  • Citez ceux dont vous vous êtes senti le plus proche dans l'aventure Koh-Lanta: Non
  • En quoi l'aventure Koh-Lanta vous a-t-elle changé? Les aventuriers de l'île perdue
  • Pour moi ça craint plutôt: Ma famille
  • Insectes, scorpions, serpents...: Estelle, Marie, Mika
  • Très froid, très chaud...: Pas grave, c'est l'aventure
  • Manger un jour sur deux...: Nulle part
  • Tiens un fruit que je ne connais pas...: Allez, je le goûte
  • Dormir à 12 dans le même abri...: Cela renforce l'amitié
  • A Koh lanta...: Tous pour un et un pour tous!
  • Avec deux morceaux de bois...: J'allume un feu
  • Fatigue, promiscuité, faim, loin des miens...: J'ai toujours le moral
  • Si je me fais éliminer...: C'est comme ça et bon courage à ceux qui restent!


Alain was a member of the Mosso tribe. In the first Reward Challenge, the two tribes failed multiple times at the final portion of the challenge, which consisted of all tribe members having to be positioned on one climbing rope for five seconds. Therefore, this portion of the challenge was modified so that one tribe member would have to climb their tribe's rope to the top before their opponent in order to win the challenge for their tribe. Alain represented his tribe and was defeated by the Tana tribe's representative, François-David Cardonnel. Despite this loss, Alain performed decently in future tribal challenges. When the Mosso tribe lost the third Immunity Challenge, Alain contributed to Nathalie Bella's elimination at the corresponding Tribal Council, who was targeted because of her bossiness. However, when Mama El Fayed was evacuated and eliminated from the game on Day 10 after being deemed to be in too much pain to continue, Nathalie returned to the game in her place. Though most of the tribe was initially annoyed about Nathalie's return, Nathalie changed her approach to the game and proved to her tribe that she could be less bossy, which allowed for her relationship with the tribe to restart on a clean slate. When Nicolas Maire was evacuated and eliminated from the game on Day 12 due to having contracted both a knee infection and gastroenteritis, Sébastien Roullé returned to the game on the Mosso tribe in his place.

When the Tana tribe won the fifth Reward Challenge on Day 13, they were rewarded with the right to permanently kidnap one of the members of the Mosso tribe as part of a tribe switch. Ludovic Laresche, who was seen as the leader of the Tana tribe during that challenge, was told by Denis Brogniart to make the decision for his tribe. Ludovic chose Sébastien, who was originally on the Tana tribe before his first elimination. As the fifth cycle progressed, the affinities between Nathalie and the other individual members of the Mosso tribe increased and, this time, she had earned their respect for her as a leader. The sole exception to these group dynamics was Alain, who had not yet approached Nathalie to make amends. This made Alain stand out socially in the Mosso tribe and, when they lost the fifth Immunity Challenge, he was voted out at the corresponding Tribal Council by the women and Jean-Claude. Mika had joined Alain in voting against Catherine Brun for seeming weak. During Tribal Council on Day 18, Denis Brogniart revealed to the Mosso tribe that Jean-Claude, who had been evacuated earlier in the cycle for a hand wound, would not be returning to the game because it was not recovering. This allowed for Alain to return to the game in his place and he was immune for that Tribal Council because his return took place during that Tribal Council. Unfortunately for Mika, this left the women with no other option and they sorrowfully voted him out.

Before the tribes merged, Nathalie and Gaëlle Zanetton were selected as the Ambassadors for their respective tribes and visited their rivals' camps. While away from their tribes, Gaëlle talked to the Mosso tribe members about their camp, which she considered superior to her tribe's own, and Nathalie talked to the Tana tribe members about working with them strategically going forward, though the Tana tribe members were left somewhat confused because Nathalie first claimed that she would write down Alain's name at the Ambassadors' Meeting and that they should vote him out at the merged tribe's first Tribal Council, but then claimed that she would instead go for a draw because she didn't have the heart to write any of her tribemates' names down. Ultimately, at the Ambassadors' Meeting, Nathalie and Gaëlle decided upon Estelle, to Nathalie's reluctance. When Nathalie revealed this to her tribe, her tribemates respected her decision, but claimed that they would've opted for a draw if they were in her place because they were going to be pagonged anyway. They were right about this and Estelle was eliminated by the original Tana members at the merged tribe's first Tribal Council.

At the Final Nine, Nathalie tried to shake things up by telling François-David and Émilie Frahi that they were at the bottom of their alliance in order to turn the original Tana tribe members against each other. This failed and Nathalie's attempts at getting Catherine, who didn't want to get involved, to back up her claims led to conflict and a fractured friendship between the two. Though the original Tana tribe members originally intended to vote out Alain at the merge tribe's second Tribal Council because he was the strongest in challenges out of the remaining original Mosso tribe members, ultimately, Nathalie was voted out unanimously as she was considered the source of drama around camp. Just before the following Immunity Challenge, the original Tana tribe members strategized how they would position themselves in the challenge in order to prevent Catherine and Alain from winning. They succeeded at this and Ludovic won immunity, but Ludovic denied his involvement in this strategy later that cycle at Tribal Council, which prompted François-David to argue with him. This last-minute argument and certain feelings of guilt among the original Tana tribe members didn't change their plans and Alain was voted out.

Voting History

Alain's Voting History
Episode Alain's
Voted Against
1 Mosso Tribe Immune
2 Mosso Tribe Immune
3 Nathalie -
4 Mosso Tribe Immune
5 Catherine Catherine, Estelle,
Jean-Claude, Nathalie
Voted Out, Day 15
Returned, Day 18
6 Catherine -
7 Nathalie -
8 Nathalie -
9 Sébastien Émilie, François-David, Gaëlle,
Ludovic, Marie, Sébastien
Voted Out, Day 27
Vote for
Sole Survivor

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