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Alain Garcia is a contestant from Koh-Lanta: Caramoan.


Profile retrieved from[1]

  • Prénom: Alain
  • Age: 41 ans
  • Profession: Boulanger
  • Ville: Isère (38)
  • Equipe: Mingao
  • ZONE CV: Alain fait parti de ces remplacants qui savent se faire très vite adopter! Téméraire, sportif et leader dans l'âme, le remplaçant de Cega a très vite su se faire une place chez des Mingao décimés. Ce boulanger, papa gâteau, ne saurait résister au chocolat! Pas certain que sa gourmandise soit rassasiée à Koh-Lanta...


When Céga Coulibaly was evacuated and eliminated from the game on Day 5 due to intense stomach pain, Alain entered the game on the Mingao tribe in Céga's place on Day 7 because the previously eliminated contestant, Irya Cissé, had already entered the game in Valérie Tartacède-Bollaert's place the cycle prior. Alain never played with Irya because she was eliminated again during the same cycle in which she reentered the game. Alain arrived at the Mingao camp with a bag of rice as a welcoming gift and he was well-received by his new tribemates. Though the Mingao tribe lost the third Reward Challenge, they won the third Immunity Challenge mainly due to Jean-Bernard Hauton-Arnaud's strategy to swim in front of the raft. This would be the only time that the Mingao tribe won an Immunity Challenge. When the Mingao tribe lost the fourth Immunity Challenge, Alain was worried that he would get the axe at the corresponding Tribal Council because he was the newest tribe member. At Tribal Council, Denis Brogniart discussed with the Mingao tribe about their lack of communication, especially during the last two challenges, which prompted the tribe to designate Jean-Bernard as their leader. Charlène Hoffness and Jessica Joullié voted against Alain because of his status as the newest tribe member, but the tribe's men prioritized strength over affiliation and they blindsided Jessica, who they felt was the new weakest link. When the Mingao tribe lost the fifth Immunity Challenge, Hakim Djellali, Alain, and Charlène all felt threatened going into Tribal Council. Hakim had annoyed Régis Colombier, a member of the tribe's majority alliance, earlier in the cycle when waking him up, Alain was the newest member of the tribe, and Charlène was the last woman standing. At Tribal Council, the majority alliance stuck together and voted out Alain as they felt that, even though he wasn't weak in challenges, his introduction to the Mingao tribe didn't do much to improve their track record in challenges.

Voting History

Alain's Voting History
Episode Alain's
Voted Against
Entered the Game, Day 7
3 Mingao Tribe Immune
4 Jessica Charlène, Jessica
5 Charlène Charlène,
Jean-Bernard, Régis
Voted Out, Day 15

Post Koh-Lanta


  • Alain is the only contestant in Koh-Lanta history never to be featured in the opening credits.


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