Airai is a tribe from Survivor: Micronesia.

Though comprised of players who have deep knowledge of the game, Airai suffered due to their inexperience and internal strife between its younger and older members. The lack of unity only won them two of the first six challenges and found themselves at the mercy of the Favorites after the Tribe Switch. Turning on each other, the Fans entered the merge with a 6-4 deficit. Their tribe color is orange.


 Alexis Jones
24, Beverly Hills, CA
Motivational speaker
S16 alexis t
 Chet Welch
48, Ford City, PA
Pageant coach
S16 chet t
 Erik Reichenbach
21, Ypsilanti, MI
Ice cream scooper
S16 erik t
 Jason Siska
22, Fox River Grove, IL
Gymnastics coach
S16 jason t
 Joel Anderson
32, Avondale, AZ
S16 joel t
 Kathy Sleckman
45, Glen Ellyn, IL
Golf course vendor
S16 kathy t
 Mary Sartain
28, Emeryville, CA
Real estate manager
S16 mary t
 Mikey Bortone
33, Los Angeles, CA
Aspiring writer
S16 mikeyb t
 Natalie Bolton
31, West Hollywood, CA
Personal trainer
S16 natalie t
 Tracy Hughes-Wolf
43, Fredericksburg, VA
Residental builder
S16 tracy t

 Alexis Jones
S16 alexis t
 Eliza Orlins
S16 eliza t
 James Clement
S16 james t
 Jason Siska
S16 jason t
 Jonathan Penner
S16 jonathan t
 Kathy Sleckman
S16 kathy t
 Natalie Bolton
S16 natalie t
 Parvati Shallow
S16 parvati t

Tribe History

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