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Aimee Stanton is a contestant from Australian Survivor (2017).

Despite being in a comfortable position due to being part of the majority alliance in Samatau, Aimee was blindsided in a close 5-4 vote by outsiders AK and Tessa for being seen as Locky's closest ally.


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Age: 23
Occupation: Plumber
State: Victoria
Tribe: Samatau

A woman who loves to push herself out of her comfort zone, Aimee is not one to shy away from an adventure.

Aimee spends most of her time camping, hiking and riding bikes. On a dare last year, she walked over 500 kilometres by herself from Melbourne to Canberra. The journey took her a month. She slept by the side of the road, lived off canned tuna, had her backpack stolen and had to walk in thongs for two days until she could replace her stolen shoes in the next town. It is safe to say, the down-to-earth plumber is quite at home roughing it.

"My comfort zone is weird. I'm not nervous or scared about this experience, just pumped and excited. But then if you told me to get on a rollercoaster, I would be terrified," she said.

"I applied for season one, not really knowing too much about the show but I knew it was 100% my thing and I would love to try. Moving on a year I have travelled the world, been on a 500 kilometre bike ride and walked over 500 kilometres, and I have realised I was not ready physically or mentally. It's amazing how much can change in a year and now I am ready."

Aimee studied to be a beautician for two years until she realised she could not paint nails and decided to become a plumber. She hopes to win so she can use the money to fund her next challenge.

"I love plumbing and would be happy to keep going but my dream lately has been to start running seminars in the future for teenagers/young adults about being financially smart. I am still a young adult myself so I can relate to them but I'd love to show them things you don't learn in school like about taxes, shares, investments and saving money."

A fan of Survivor, she was inspired by players in last year's series such Flick and Phoebe but she is not looking forward to some of the big game players. "I'm not going into Australian Survivor with a massive game plan like others probably are because the moment something changes, they will have nothing to fall back on. Someone like Andrew from last year would drive me crazy out there."

While she may not be going out there with her game plan worked out, Aimee is looking forward to changing people's expectations of her. "When people first see me, they are going to think I am just your average dumb blonde who doesn't have much to offer. I can't wait to show them what I've got."[1]

Australian Survivor

Aimee joined a core alliance lead by Locky Gilbert and including Anneliese Wilson, Peter Conte, and Jarrad Seng. Bolstered with Tara flipping on her alliance with Adam Parkin and outsider AK Knight who isolated himself by overplaying, they took control at the first Tribal Council with the blindside of Adam. From that point on she was more than happy to stay loyal to the alliance, and Locky in particular. Despite Tessa O'Halloran's best efforts to reintegrate to the tribe, Aimee managed to take out her allies with a series of split votes. She did seek Tessa's vote when it came time to blindside strategic threat AK, but her closeness to Locky was seen as a threat by AK and Tessa. This prompted them to try to make a move against the majority alliance. Since the tribe would be down to eight members and needed Locky's strength, Aimee became a target. Aimee was vocal at Tribal Council at how the alliance of eight had factions, which only further motivated the outsiders to turn against her. AK succeeded with the help of his allies Jarrad, Peter, and Ziggy Zagame and Aimee was voted out in 20th place.

Voting History

Episode Aimee's
Voted Against
1 Samatau Tribe Immune
2 Adam -
3 Tessa -
4 Tessa1 -
5 AK AK, Jarrad,
Peter, Tessa, Ziggy
Voted Out, Day 13

^1 In "Episode 4", Tessa used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating Aimee's vote against her.



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