Ahron Villena is a contestant from Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Showdown.

Survivor Philippines

Voting History

Ahron's Voting History
Cycle Ahron's
Voted Against
1 No Tribal Council
2 Nagar Tribe Immune
3 Nagar Tribe Immune
4 Nagar Tribe Immune
5 Karen -
6 Nagar Tribe Immune
7 Aira -
Ian Jon, Michelle1
8 Jon -
9 Aira -
10 Michelle -
11 Ervic Aira, Aubrey,
Elma, Ervic, Solenn
Voted Out, Day 30
14 Aubrey;
On the jury
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 Aira and Moi played their respective Immunity Bracelets. Therefore, the votes against each of them were not counted. Additionally, Sar Mayee participated in the second round of voting on Day 19 as a part of their additional reward for winning the Immunity Challenge on the same day.
^2 The vote in the Final Tribal Council "on the island" was actually for the seventh jury member, at which votes were cast by both the final four and the members of the present jury. The full results, revealed in front of a live audience, ended in a tie between Aubrey and Akihiro, at three votes each. This resulted in a live revote, where Aubrey and Akihiro were ineligible to vote.


  • Ahron is the highest-placing male member of Nagar.
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