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The Advantage Menu (also called the Advantage Option in its first appearance) is an advantage introduced in Survivor: Game Changers. It allows the castaway who holds it to select one advantage on the list to use later in the game.


The Advantage Menu offers three potential advantages for the person who obtains it. It can be played in several different ways, according to which advantage the holder decides to use.

In its first appearance in Survivor: Game Changers, the person who obtained the advantage immediately had to choose from one of three advantages while on Exile Island. This was modified in the Advantage Menu's subsequent appearance in Survivor: Edge of Extinction, where it the holder could now defer choosing which advantage to use. However, the Advantage Menu would only be good up until the third Tribal Council.


Game Changers

During the Tribe Switch on Day 14, Debbie Wanner drew the package containing no buff and was sent to Exile Island, where she would wait until after the next Tribal Council to replace the member voted out by the tribe that lost the next Immunity Challenge. While on Exile Island, Debbie was visited by former two-time castaway and Caramoan winner John Cochran, who offered to her an Advantage Option, giving her the choice between three advantages—a kit with which to design a fake Hidden Immunity Idol; an Extra Vote; as well as a challenge advantage to be used by her new tribe at the following Immunity Challenge. Debbie chose the Extra Vote and would hold onto it until the Day 24 Tribal Council, where she used it to vote against Ozzy Lusth twice and contributed to his elimination.

Edge of Extinction

During the marooning on Day 1, Ron Clark found an envelope labeled "Secret Advantage" under a crate of vegetables on the boat. It was later revealed to be an Advantage Menu, which gave him the choice of stealing the reward won by the other tribe after a challenge; an Extra Vote, which allows the player to use the parchment as a vote at Tribal Council; or individual immunity, which allows the player to use the menu like a Hidden Immunity Idol before the votes are read. However, the Advantage Menu was now repurposed to allow its holder to defer choosing an advantage until its expiration after the third Tribal Council. Ron did not have to choose any advantage as his tribe did not go to any of the first three Tribal Councils, leaving the Advantage Menu to expire after the Day 8 Tribal Council. However, Ron kept the expired envelope and gave it to Rick Devens on Day 31. Rick attempted to purchase immunity off of the menu, but Jeff informed him that the menu had expired. Rick then played a real Hidden Immunity Idol, which ultimately sent Ron home.


Season Location Episode Acquired Owner First Option Second Option Third Option Advantage Chosen Episode Used
Game Changers Exile Island "Vote Early, Vote Often" S34 debbie t.png
Debbie Wanner
Fake Hidden Immunity Idol kit Extra Vote Advantage for tribe at next Immunity Challenge Extra Vote "There's a New Sheriff in Town"
Edge of Extinction Under a box of vegetables during the marooning "It Smells Like Success" S38 ron t.png
Ron Clark
Reward Steal Extra Vote Individual Immunity to be used as a Hidden Immunity Idol None Never used


  • The Extra Vote is the only advantage that was offered both times this twist has been used.
  • Ron Clark is the first person not to use the Advantage Menu.

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