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The Advantage Amulet is an advantage introduced in Survivor 42.


The Advantage Amulet is a shared advantage whose power depends on the number of people holding on to the amulet. The amulet holders must be on the same tribe and agree on when to play their amulets. Together, all remaining amulet holders will declare how they wish to use the advantage at Tribal Council, after which the advantage is removed from play. The amulets can be played up to and including the final six.

The amulets themselves are normally non-transferable but, with only one holder remaining, the resulting Hidden Immunity Idol can be transferred at Tribal Council as normal.[1]

It is unclear whether the amulets' power will increase if a holder obtains a second amulet using the Knowledge is Power advantage, which appeared alongside the amulets in Survivor 42.


The advantage holders are given the choice between working with or against each other, forming a mutual alliance on their shared secret or playing selfishly to increase the advantage's power for themselves respectively. The advantage acts as a bounty against each of its holders, and its steep increase in power as fewer holders remain ostensibly encourages holders to work against each other.

Twist History

Drea lindsay hai amulet.jpg

The Advantage Amulet was introduced at the marooning of Survivor 42. During the opening Reward Challenge, Marooning, one member of each tribe was tasked to run the second leg of the relay; Drea Wheeler, Hai Giang, and Lindsay Dolashewich ran this leg for Ika, Vati, and Taku respectively and were given the choice to take the amulets, without yet knowing what the nature of the twist was. The three players were given mud and fake blood to lather themselves in to cover their tracks before racing back to their tribes.

Upon opening the advantage, Drea, Hai, and Lindsay learned about the mechanics of the advantage:

  • With three holders remaining, the amulets could be played together for one Extra Vote
  • With two holders remaining, the amulets could be played together for a Vote Steal
  • The last remaining holder may play their amulet as a Hidden Immunity Idol

They realized that the advantage provided an incentive to target each other once they merged in order to work towards gaining a Hidden Immunity Idol for themselves.

On Day 12, the trio reunited and initially decided to align based on their shared knowledge of the advantage. Eventually, however, the trio turned on each other. First, Drea and Lindsay agreed to target Hai, who was becoming too powerful in the game. They joined the Kula Kula tribe in blindsiding him on Day 19, upgrading the amulet's power to a Vote Steal. Then, after Lindsay survived the Do or Die on Day 21, she joined her alliance in eliminating Drea, granting herself a Hidden Immunity Idol that could be played the following round at the final six. However, when she won the Immunity Challenge, she opted not to use her idol for fear that it would introduce a new idol into the game. When Omar Zaheer was blindsided that night, the amulets were taken out of play.


Season Episode Acquired Location Owners Advantages Episode Used
Survivor 42 "Feels Like a Rollercoaster" Day 1 Reward Challenge S42 hai bw.png
Hai Giang
S42 drea bw.png
Drea Wheeler
S42 lindsay t.png
Lindsay Dolashewich
Extra Vote Never used
Vote Steal
Hidden Immunity Idol



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