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Adrien Torrin is a contestant from Koh-Lanta: Palawan.

Adrien is known to have left the game voluntarily to allow Grégoire Gorge to return.


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Adrien est un retraité de 55 ans hyperactif qui adore organiser des sorties. D'une personnalité rassembleuse et serviable, il a un esprit d'équipe inné. A l'occasion, il peut se révéler autoritaire.


Adrien was selected by Érick Africaa to be a member of the Guntao tribe. After the tribe's men sided with Véronique Lambert and voted out Pascale Bodin at the season's first Tribal Council, it became evident that gender would become a potential factor in terms of the tribe's alliance dynamics in time. This possibility was supported when, on Day 9, the tribe's men visited and explored a neighbouring island and decided to spend the night there upon discovering abandoned fishing shelters.

When the Batang tribe won the fourth Reward Challenge on Day 11, they were rewarded with the right to permanently kidnap one of the members of the Guntao tribe as part of a tribe switch. The Batang tribe chose Érick, who up until then was the leader of the Guntao tribe. Though they were upset about losing Érick, the Guntao tribe recovered from their loss quickly and didn't hold back in challenges. Adrien emerged as the tribe's new leader, but his leadership had mixed reception unlike Érick's. When the Gundao tribe lost the fifth Immunity Challenge, Véronique was voted out unanimously as the tribe felt that they could no longer sustain her challenge liability. The next day, Adrien and Chloé Vavasseur led the construction of the tribe's raft for the sixth Reward Challenge. After the Gundao tribe lost the sixth Immunity Challenge, Adrien informed Laurent Boudes, Filomène Mendonca, and Chloé that he wanted to blindside Grégoire Gorge at the corresponding Tribal Council because the merge was impending and Grégoire would become a tough opponent in individual Immunity Challenges. However, the two women deliberated over whether to vote against Adrien for being somewhat weak in recent challenges or against Grégoire for the same reason that Adrien planned to. Filomène and Chloé ultimately decided to vote against Adrien as they felt that he was being too strategic and, before the vote, they called him out on his plan to blindside Grégoire. However, Adrien himself had ultimately decided to return to voting as a block with the men and, with the women's divulgence confirming his decision, Chloé was voted out in a 3-2 vote. The next day, Grégoire was initially angry with Adrien for the latter's initial plan to vote the former out, but the two reconciled quickly.

When the tribes merged, Laurent, Grégoire, Filomène, and Adrien were reunited with Érick, but Érick had received the Ambassadors' vote earlier when Batang's Ambassador, Patrick Brasier De Thuy, untruthfully told Guntao's Ambassador, Laurent, that the latter was Érick's first pick for the Ambassadors' vote. In response, the original Guntao tribe members planned to vote Patrick out at the merged tribe's first Tribal Council for his duplicity and tried to convince Maryline Hemelsdael and Simon Quintilla to vote in a different direction than Érick. However, after Érick lost the first individual Immunity Challenge, Maryline and Simon remained loyal to the original Batang tribe members and sorrowfully contributed to eliminating Érick in a 6-5 vote.

Three days after Érick's elimination, the four remaining original Guntao tribe members received a message in a bottle from Érick wishing them a good game and advising them to not trust the original Batang tribe members. All of the original Guntao tribe members but Filomène had an ungrateful reception, claiming that the letter was nice but also that they wish he had sent food too. Because the original Batang tribe members' primary target, Grégoire, won the second individual Immunity Challenge, Filomène was eliminated by the original Batang tribe members at the corresponding Tribal Council because they perceived Adrien as someone who would be easy to beat in challenges and Kevin Cuoco and Simon were beginning to like Laurent more. When Grégoire lost the third individual Immunity Challenge, Adrien, who had become close to and had developed a certain respect for Grégoire, tried to convince the original Batang tribe members to vote himself out over Grégoire. This failed and the original Batang tribe members eliminated Grégoire at the corresponding Tribal Council. The next day, on Day 29, Adrien quit the game in order for Grégoire to return to the game in his place as the former believed that the latter deserved a second chance.

Despite making it deep enough into the game to be a part of the jury, Adrien did not become a juror because the rules of Koh-Lanta state that quitters are not allowed to serve as members of the jury.

Voting History

Adrien's Voting History
Episode Adrien's
Voted Against
1 Pascale -
2 Guntao Tribe Immune
3 Guntao Tribe Immune
4 Guntao Tribe Immune
5 Véronique -
6 Chloé Chloé, Filomène
7 Patrick -
8 Patrick -
9 Patrick -
10 No Tribal Council
Quit, Day 29

Post Koh-Lanta



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