Adam Parkin is a contestant from Australian Survivor (2017).

Beginning the game on the top of his tribe, Adam quickly became the source of controversy when, after enlisting help to find the Hidden Immunity Idol of which only the Samatau-color ribbon remained, many of his tribemates suspected Adam had already found it and refused to admit it. Quickly becoming paranoid, Adam even asked the tribe to vote him out if they didn't believe him. His paranoid behavior prompted ally Tara Pitt to flip, and Adam was voted out by a scattered 5-4-2-1 vote.


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Age: 40
Occupation: International Poker Player
State: Queensland
Tribe: Samatau

At over 198 cm tall and an international poker player, award-winning salesman and ex-SES volunteer, Adam is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to research, planning and strategy.

Also a dedicated, note-taking super fan of Survivor, Adam is ready to hit the island running.

"I can't wait for Jonathan to say the words, 'Welcome to Australian Survivor'. I don't plan on winning the game, I plan on dominating the game and being a player to remember," he said.

"I have watched and studied this game. I plan on leaving my moral compass back in Australia and doing the fans of the best game in the world – and the entire Survivor franchise proud – by playing the game as a game, not as a competition to find Australia's most honourable citizen."

As an SES volunteer, Adam has helped with search and rescue operations and has learned to find small clues in the bush. He plans to use these skills to search for Hidden Immunity Idols. He has also researched previous seasons of the game, taking notes on plays and moves and even looked at where Immunity Idols have been hidden in the past, to give him ideas on where to look.

A born salesman, Adam has won multiple awards for his small businesses and taught sales courses while also winning over 40 poker tournaments in Australia. He played in the World Series in Las Vegas last year.

"My strategic mindset, ability to read people and situations, adapt to changing situations and think on my feet are all skills that are going to help me on the island. I've played poker tournaments where I have to outlast, outplay and outwit thousands to win the game."

It is not all about ruthless game-playing for Adam. He is also a married father of two who says his family is his world and that they will be devastated without him.

"I am Mr Mum. I spend all week with the kids, doing the school and kindy drop-offs and pick-ups, helping at soccer practice and games around school."[1]

Australian Survivor

Adam started off strong on the Samatau tribe, finding himself in a majority alliance. Furthermore, the tribe was united against AK Knight who overplayed in the first few days making several alliances. AK confronted Adam saying he was hoping to start fresh with Samatau, and Adam assured AK that he would be given that chance if he chilled for the next few days. However, Adam felt AK was too dangerous and wanted to make sure he was voted out as soon as possible. After winning the fishing gear and canoe reward, both AK and Adam spotted a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol in the canoe. Adam managed to get the clue first, but AK followed Adam to another island in order to find the idol. Adam asked his allies Kate Temby, Tara Pitt, and Ziggy Zagame for backup but Tara felt is was a higher priority to build the shelter. They were also not happy when Adam forced them to look with him to prove their loyalty to the alliance. Adam managed to convince some of his allies to follow him to the idol location, but he was unsuccessful in finding it which made Locky Gilbert suspicious. Adam tells them if they don't believe him to vote him out, which made Locky think he has the idol and is trying to draw votes towards him. AK catches on and uses this opportunity to begin campaigning against Adam. With the rest of the tribe suspicious of both AK and Adam, AK pleaded to Jarrad Seng to convince others to save him. Likewise, Adam tried damage control of his own by apologizing to Tara. Ultimately it wasn't enough as most of the tribe voted against either Adam or Anneliese Wilson, and 5 votes was enough to send Adam out of the game in 23rd place.

Voting History

Adam's Voting History
Episode Adam's
Voted Against
1 Samatau Tribe Immune
2 Anneliese AK, Aimee,
Jarrad, Locky, Peter
Voted Out, Day 6


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