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Adrian "Ace" Chetty is a castaway from Survivor South Africa: Philippines.


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ACE: (28) Graphic Designer from Johannesburg

Ace – a graphic designer from Johannesburg – might be familiar to some fans as M-Net's "Wild Card" winner after outlasting seven other wannabe Survivor castaways through gruelling challenges over the course of three days to cinch himself a spot on the series. And all of this was done while strapped to a billboard in Johannesburg! Ace might come across as an underdog but as we know in the game of Survivor, looks could be deceiving. Ace believes that his strengths include his versatility to roll with the punches and his people skills, while his weaknesses include finding it difficult to say no to people.[1]

Survivor South Africa

Ace entered the game planning on succeeding through strategic play. His skills would be immediately tested after he became an initial target at the first Tribal Council due to his role in losing the challenge. Seamus however planned to use Ace to take out Tom, who was perceived as the biggest threat due to his leadership. Tom caught wind of this and his alliance target Seamus, putting Ace in the swing vote position. Ace voted with Tom, sending Seamus home and solidifying "The Big Five" as the majority alliance. Despite frustration by Ace's betrayal, Palesa, Vusi, and Chane attempted to flip Ace back to force a tie. Despite Tom and Neil's efforts to keep Ace comfortable, Ace felt he was at the bottom of this alliance. The ensuing 4-4 tie Ace caused resulted in Neil drawing the purple rock and power shifting to Palesa's alliance. 

The swap left Ace and Josie in the minority with former Mindanao members Werner, Toni, and Jeanne. Ace focused all of his efforts on finding the idol, including digging a hole in the middle of the camp which annoyed the other tribe members. Ace's efforts were in vein as he could not find the idol and was voted out 3-2.

Voting History

Ace's Voting History
Episode Ace's
Voted Against
1 Seamus -
2 Annalize;
3 Luzon Tribe Immune
4 Werner Jeanne,
Toni, Werner
Voted Out, Day 11

^1 In Episode 2, the vote ended with a 4-4 tie between Annalize and Josie, forcing a revote. Ace did not change his vote on the revote.


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