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A Thoughtful Gesture or a Deceptive Plan is the twelfth episode of Survivor: All-Stars.


Day 28

As Chaboga Mogo returned from Tribal Council, they realized that heavy rainfall had reduced their fire significantly. When the castaways gathered for a challenge, they were shocked to hear that it would be for reward and immunity. The castaways were given a taste of the videos from home. The teams for the challenge were Alicia Calaway, Amber Brkich, Rob Mariano, and Shii Ann Huang versus Jenna Lewis, Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien, Rupert Boneham, and Tom Buchanan. Alicia's team took an early lead and won the reward. Rob quickly solved the puzzle to slide his knife out, and chopped the rope to raise his flag, winning immunity. Rob chose to forgo seeing his video so everybody could receive letters from home. After everyone finished reading their letters from home, Kathy attempted to break the Chapera Alliance by telling Rupert and Tom that Amber, Jenna L., and Boston Rob wouldn't allow anyone else to reach the final three. In the end, Kathy's efforts to break the Chapera alliance failed, and she was voted out 6-2, becoming the second member of the jury.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Big Bad-O Course
For the first half of the challenge, the Chaboga Mogo tribe will be divided into two teams of four, which would compete in an obstacle course. The first team to finish the course wins reward and the right to compete at the immunity half of the challenge. The immunity portion requires the players to solve a slide puzzle where they must have the piece with the knife be removed from the central slot. The first player to use the knife to cut a rope to raise a flag wins immunity.
Reward: Rain parkas, letters from home and eligibility to compete in the Immunity Challenge.
Additional Stipulation: The winner of the Immunity Challenge also wins their full video from home.
Winner (team reward): Light Blue Team (Alicia Calaway, Amber Brkich, Rob Mariano, and Shii Ann Huang)
Winner (individual immunity): Rob Mariano(gave up full video so that everyone received their letters)

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10:
Chaboga Mogo
S8 kathy t.png
Kathy (6 votes)
S8 alicia t.pngS8 amber t.pngS8 jennal t.png
S8 robm t.pngS8 rupert t.pngS8 tom t.png
Alicia, Amber, Jenna L., Rob M., Rupert, Tom
S8 amber t.png
Amber (2 votes)
S8 kathy t.pngS8 shiiann t.png
Kathy, Shii Ann
S8 kathy bw.png
Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien

Voting Confessionals

S8 kathy t.png

(voting against Amber) Amber, same old vote. You need to play a new game or else you're not going to make it. See you later.

S8 robm t.png
Rob M.

(voting against Kathy) Kathy, I don't discredit you for trying, but you didn't honestly think I was gonna let you win?

Final Words

S8 kathy bw.png

Damn! I can't believe I got voted off. Bugger! I can't believe. I thought Rob was going to be there for me. It was stupid, actually. It was a stupid play. Argh! But that's what happens when you put too much trust and loyalty into your thought process out here. I wish I got further. I wanted that million bucks so bad 'cause I got robbed last time.

Still in the Running

S8 tina bw.png
S8 rudy bw.png
 Jenna M.
S8 jennam bw.png
 Rob C.
S8 robc bw.png
S8 richard bw.png
S8 susan bw.png
S8 colby bw.png
S8 ethan bw.png
S8 jerri bw.png
S8 lex bw.png
S8 kathy bw.png
Chaboga Mogo
S8 alicia t.png
Chaboga Mogo
S8 amber t.png
 Jenna L.
Chaboga Mogo
S8 jennal t.png
 Rob M.
Chaboga Mogo
S8 robm t.png
Chaboga Mogo
S8 rupert t.png
 Shii Ann
Chaboga Mogo
S8 shiiann t.png
Chaboga Mogo
S8 tom t.png



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