A Tale of Two Cities is the penultimate episode of Survivor: Marquesas.


Day 34

Kathy sits down next to Sean and Vecepia, and talk about the lack of food. Kathy said that Paschal and Neleh were getting apples. Vecepia makes a confessional about Kathy being the presumed swing vote because people linked Sean with herself and Neleh with Paschal, but she makes it clear that race was not an issue on the beach. Vee talks to Kathy about the swing vote and herself being assumed as a pair due to race. Kathy makes a confessional about being the swing vote.

As Vecepia was talking, Neleh walks up. She makes a confessional about how tough it is being on an island with people who want to backstab you. She thought that race playing a factor in the game was ridiculous and made her irritated. Paschal and Neleh talk about the situation. In a confessional, Paschal described Vecepia as foolish for thinking Kathy would put herself as a swing vote. Neleh and Paschal rant to Kathy about Sean's attitude and how untrustworthy he and Vecepia are.

When the trio to get Tree Mail, Neleh expressed her dismay at having to do the stilts challenge again. However, upon reading the words on the stilts, Paschal believes they have already done the challenge before. He hopes the challenge would not include the stilts and would not compete if they do. The castaways arrive for the challenge. Jeff explains that the challenge consists of various parts of challenge's past (specifically from Tiki Towers, Jungle Relay, Coconut Juice, High Stepping, and Sands of Time). Jeff soon revealed the reward was a Saturn VUE, exciting everyone. Paschal was unable to get past the puzzle, having no chance of winning. Vecepia was initially leading with Neleh in a close second. However, Sean took the lead at the second part of the challenge and blew everyone away. Sean won the challenge and celebrated.

The castaways return to camp, congratulating Sean on his victory. In a confessional, Sean describes it as having the car with the car payments. Sean describes how his win represents the kids back home. Sean talks to Paschal about how you unwillingly bond with people. Paschal makes a confessional about how the game is affecting everyone's bodies, especially his. Sean affirms what Paschal said in a confessional. Kathy asked Paschal about having dehydration. Kathy wanted to get touka and Sean convinced everyone to go.

Day 35

Day 36


Challenge: Second Chance
Firstly, each Survivor had to construct a Tiki. Next, they had to race to a pile of coconuts, crack them open and drain the juice, filling a bamboo tube. They then had to continue through the jungle to find stilts tied to a tree. Once the stilts were untied, the Survivors had to successfully walk ten feet on the stilts without falling. After completing this leg of the challenge, they would have to find another pile of coconuts and crack them open to find a key that would be used to unlock a crate. Inside the crate would be a slingshot. Finally, with the slingshot in hand, the Survivors would have to find their specific hourglass-shaped structure with a wooden Tiki underneath. Using the slingshot, they must break a tile, releasing sand which will cover the Tiki. The first contestant to cover their Tiki wins the challenge.
Reward: A brand new Saturn VUE
Winner: Sean Rector

Challenge: Marquesan Folklore
The Survivors would listen to Jeff narrate an ancient Marquesan tale. Then, trying to retain all of the information they just heard, the Survivors would answer a series of questions about the story. Each question was located within a private kiosk in which multiple-choice answers were made available. Correct answers would correspond to a basket that would reveal a miniature idol. Survivors who guessed the correct answer would then attach the idol to a necklace with which they had been provided. The first person to answer five questions correctly and race across the finish line with five idols would win.
Winner: Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 12:
S4 sean t
Sean (3 votes)
S4 kathy tS4 neleh tS4 paschal t
Kathy, Neleh, Paschal
S4 neleh t
Neleh (2 votes)
S4 sean tS4 vecepia t
Sean, Vecepia
S4 sean bw
Sean Rector

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Neleh) The girl next door act don't work on me. You're just here for the ride. Y'all trying to win a million just like me, and I hope you go out tonight.

Sean Rector

(voting for Sean) Sean, this vote is for you. Just too much drama! I just can't stand it.

Neleh Dennis

(voting for Sean) A great competitor.

Paschal English

(voting for Neleh) My vote tonight is for Neleh. She's a great girl, but I think she started a little late in trying to play the game and, um... that's about it.

Vecepia Towery

Final Words

It's a lot one can say, but I just know that... through it all, it's been a blast. Y'all, forgive me for any mistakes that I made. I'm just a humble, young man trying to find my way through this world. I just say keep your head up. God bless America. Peace.

Sean Rector

Still in the Running

S4 peter bw
S4 patricia bw
S4 hunter bw
S4 sarah bw
S4 gabriel bw
S4 gina bw
S4 rob bw
S4 john bw
S4 zoe bw
S4 tammy bw
S4 robert bw
S4 sean bw
S4 kathy t
S4 neleh t
S4 paschal t
S4 vecepia t


  • With Sean Rector's elimination, Vecepia is the only remaining member of the original Maraamu tribe while Kathy, Neleh, and Paschal are members of the original Rotu tribe. Ironically, however, Vecepia is the last remaining member of the post-switch Rotu tribe, while Kathy, Neleh, and Paschal are the last remaining members of the post-switch Maraamu tribe. This coincidence would happen again in Survivor: Guatemala.
  • After this episode, Paschal English is the last male left in the game.


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