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A Snake in the Grass is the fifth episode of Survivor: Cambodia.


Night 11

Woo Hwang thanks Angkor for keeping him and they talk about winning challenges. Abi-Maria Gomes says she decided to keep Woo and says if he writes her name down again, he's dead to her. Andrew Savage hugs Tasha Fox and they talk about how it was crazy that they pulled that off.

Day 12

At Bayon, Monica Padilla, Kimmi Kappenberg, and Kelly Wiglesworth are on the hunt for seafood. They debate over taking too many of the big clams but Kimmi says she wants to eat.

Monica says they're depleting food too much. She's trying not to live day to day and is looking ahead. Kimmi is annoyed with her and says she's wearing her patience thin. Kimmi says they're not going to deplete the ocean. Kimmi goes back to camp and complains about her. Jeff Probst welcomes the castaways to the Reward Challenge. Three people are tied together and they roll a third in a barrel to get balls they then roll into a target. The reward is comfort with chairs, hammock, pillows, blankets, and a tarp.

They will also get refreshments back at camp. The second place tribe gets a tarp and some rope. Third place gets nothing. This challenge was done back in Blood vs. Water. Ciera Eastin played that challenge and lost. Bayon and Ta Keo have to sit out two people. Terry Deitz and Kass sit out and also Stephen Fishbach and Kelly Wiglesworth. Kelley Wentworth gets hers and Monica is going slower and Woo gets his. Bayon is in third place on their bag. They roll the barrel to the next and Bayon is still lagging. Woo and Kelley Wentworth grab the second bag and move to the last.

Monica is lagging behind again. Jeff says she's treating is like a Sunday picnic. Woo and Kelley Wentworth get their third bags and Monica is still much slower. Keith Nale is rolling for Ta Keo. Jeremy Collins is rolling for Bayon. Woo is rolling for Angkor. Keith and Woo tie with one then Jeremy gets one to tie it up. They all tie at two then Keith pulls ahead then Woo ties it. Jeremy misses. Woo gets the fourth and takes the lead then Keith ties it. Jeremy is falling behind and Spencer Bledsoe subs in for him. Spencer sinks two fast, then another and ties it up.

They are tied four across the board then Keith gets a fifth. Keith sinks the last one and Ta Keo wins first place. Angkor and Bayon are fighting for second and are tied with four. Woo sinks another and has five. Spencer misses again. Woo tries for the win and lands it giving them the tarp/rope reward. Bayon leaves with nothing from the Reward Challenge. Back at Ta Keo, they find chilled juice to drink. They also have padded chairs and a hammock. They have pillows plus fresh fruit so it's like a tropical camping trip.

Joe starts talking to the others about a merge plan and they talk about a solid five moving into it. Joe says everyone in his season wanted to vote him out right away. Kelley Wentworth, Keith, Kass McQuillen, Joe Anglim, and one other are in that group and Keith is thrilled. They are happy to throw Terry under the bus. Over at Bayon, they take the boat out to fish. Spencer goes with Jeremy and he hopes to bond with him. Spencer says he came in last time as a superfan and would watch Ozzy.

Day 13

Woo is happy to have this second chance and still be there. He tells the others that his mom was on a transplant list for a new heart. He talks about what she went through and how she got a second chance. Abi-Maria tells him that her grandma went through the same thing but didn't have that good luck. Abi-Maria thinks Woo is using the story to sway people. She says she feels for him then talks about the tendon transplant in her knee. Abi-Maria goes to Tasha and says she thinks he was gunning for sympathy.

Abi-Maria asks should she go tell her personal stories. Tasha later says Woo and Abi-Maria are like night and day and says it's a lot of work to deal with Abi-Maria while Woo will take marching orders easily. Tasha says in a merge situation, Abi-Maria is a time bomb.

At the Immunity Challenge, the castaways climb a tower and launch sandbags at a target. Once they hit all the targets they win immunity. They head out to the first mat and Spencer and Joe are first up with Andrew close behind. They shoot their Survivor slingshots. Spencer is short and Andrew goes long and Joe hits one. They swap and are tied 2-2 with Bayon and Angkor. Ta Keo has just one. Stephen hits another team's target. Abi-Maria misses for the win. Angkor wins immunity and now it's down to Bayon and Ta Keo.

Ta Keo has one more to go and Keith is headed up. Spencer is headed up. Keith misses then tries again and nails the last target to win immunity for Ta Keo. Bayon will go to Tribal Council. Jeff hands over the Immunity Idols. It's Angkor's first immunity win. Jeff sends them out. He tells Bayon he'll see them in a bit and says most of them haven't been to Tribal Council yet this season. Monica says it will make their team stronger because they can find out where their loyalties lie.

Jeremy wonders if he should trust Spencer or Kelly Wiglesworth. Monica, Jeremy, and Stephen talk about who might have the Hidden Immunity Idol and they talk about voting Kelly Wiglesworth out. Spencer knows he's on the bottom and he's crashing conversations to commit to voting with the alliance. Kimmi talks to Monica who is looking for an all-girl alliance and wonders if she's going to ruin their original Bayon alliance. She thinks Monica is a loose cannon flipper.

Kimmi tells Stephen that Monica is a 'snake in the grass'. Kimmi tells Jeremy about Monica's women's alliance proposal and says they need to vote her out. Jeremy says Monica's going to mess them up. She says if they go after Monica, they can tell Spencer to go with them. She says if Monica keeps up, she could go to Kelly and Spencer and go after Stephen or Jeremy. Jeremy wonders why Monica is doing this and he's thinking about sending her home.

Stephen says it sends a bad message to Bayon to send out an original Bayon. He says it would be a betrayal that could violate trust with other Bayon tribe members at the merge but agrees Monica and Wiglesworth can't be trusted. At Tribal Council, Stephen says trust is shown at Tribal Council. Monica says people feel that alliances need to stick together but trust and loyalty are an issue. Kelly Wiglesworth says she thinks it's her or Spencer tonight.

Spencer says this is the first time he feels really unified with a tribe and says this is not individual time yet, but tribe time. Kelly Wiglesworth says the original Bayon 10 was cohesive and thinks they'll be good at the merge. Monica says she thinks the vote is already locked in. Kimmi says it's a game and you have to play it. Stephen says strategy is based on emotion and you need real bonds to build real alliances. Jeff calls for the vote and Monica goes first.

We see that Monica voted for Kelly Wiglesworth. We see Kelly Wiglesworth voted for Spencer. Spencer voted for Kelly Wiglesworth. 1 vote showed up for Kelly Wiglesworth, 1 showed up for Spencer, another for Kelly Wiglesworth, but the remaining voted were all for Monica, blindsiding her and making her the fifth person eliminated from Survivor: Cambodia. Monica thought she was safe and her mouth drops open when she hears she was sent out. After Jeff extinguishes Monica's torch, she heads out shocked.

Jeff says this tribe is definitely playing new school not old school and sends them back to their camp.


Challenge: In the Barrel
Three members of each tribe will be tied together. The fourth will be inside a barrel. They will roll the barrel to a series of flagpoles. At each flagpole, the person in the barrel must unspool a rope to collect a bag of balls and get back in the barrel. Once each tribe has collected all three bags of balls they will then race to roll those balls and attempt to land them in a series of targets. The first two tribes to land balls in all 6 targets will win reward.
Reward: Rope and tarp (also comfort items with refreshments waiting at camp for first place).
Winners (in order of finish): Ta Keo and Angkor

Challenge: Air Raid
Each tribe will race up a tower and through a series of obstacles to the top. When they get to the top, they will launch sandbags with a slingshot attempting to hit a series of targets. The first two tribes to hit all their targets win immunity.
Winners (in order of finish):Angkor and Ta Keo

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 5:
S31 monica t.png
Monica (3 votes)
S31 jeremy t.pngS31 kimmi t.pngS31 stephen t.png
Jeremy, Kimmi, Stephen
S31 kelly t.png
Kelly (2 votes)
S31 monica t.pngS31 spencer t.png
Monica, Spencer
S31 spencer t.png
Spencer (1 vote)
S31 kelly t.png
S31 monica bw.png
Monica Padilla

Voting Confessionals

S31 monica t.png
(voting against Kelly) I really hate putting your name down, because I think you'd do amazing if we'd let you go any further.

S31 kelly t.png
(voting against Spencer) Sorry, Spence, you're a good guy but I gotta go with the numbers on this one.

S31 spencer t.png
(voting against Kelly) You invented the phrase, "I didn't come here to make friends," and yet, you got more than I do on the other side. I hope I did my job of convincing this tribe that that is the case.

Final Words

S31 monica bw.png
I'm a little shocked, but I'm okay. I really wanted to stay in this game a lot longer. I didn't expect myself going out this early. You never know what to expect. I guess you can say I was officially blindsided. I feel like my second chance was a bit of a disappointment. I don't know what I could've possibly done differently. It's tough, but you know what? It's a game and you just pick yourself up after you get voted out.

Still in the Running

S31 vytas bw.png
S31 shirin bw.png
S31 peihgee bw.png
S31 jeff bw.png
S31 monica bw.png
S31 abimaria t.png
S31 andrew t.png
Ta Keo
S31 ciera t.png
S31 jeremy t.png
Ta Keo
S31 joe t.png
Ta Keo
S31 kass t.png
Ta Keo
S31 keith t.png
Ta Keo
S31 kelley t.png
S31 kelly t.png
S31 kimmi t.png
S31 spencer t.png
S31 stephen t.png
S31 tasha t.png
Ta Keo
S31 terry t.png
S31 woo t.png


  • At the Reward Challenge, both of Bayon and Ta Keo's sit-outs finished in the same position during their first attempt at Survivor. Both of Bayon's sit-outs finished as the runner-up on their original seasons, while both of Ta Keo's sit-outs finished in 3rd place (voted out Day 38) on their original seasons.
  • This is the first episode this season in which neither Abi-Maria Gomes nor Woo Hwang attended Tribal Council.
    • As of this episode, all remaining castaways have won tribal immunity.
  • This is the first episode of the season in which no castaway ended up receiving four votes at Tribal Council.
  • This episode marks the only time that Bayon went to Tribal Council.
  • This is the first episode of any season in which Kelly Wiglesworth has received votes against her at Tribal Council.
  • This is the first time that Kimmi attended a Tribal Council that didn't end in a unanimous vote.
  • For the second time in Survivor history, all minority voters received at least one vote but no majority voters received at least one vote. This had previously occurred in "Don't Say Anything About My Mom".

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