A Slippery Little Sucker is the season finale of Survivor: China.


Night 36

After Tribal Council, the final four celebrate the departure of Peih-Gee and congratulate each other for staying true to their alliance.

I thought I would be out in sixteenth place. And here I am guaranteed at least a one in four chance at winning.


The final four savor the moment with a group hug and turn in for the night.

Day 37

The next day, the tribe awakens after yet another uncomfortable night's sleep in their makeshift hut made of uneven bamboo. Amanda reads Tree Mail, notifying the tribe of an upcoming Reward Challenge.

This Reward is probably the most important one we have had thus far because we know we have Immunity coming up and we need energy.


At the challenge, as Amanda begins to reconstruct her wall, Todd catches up. They both frantically attempt to place the bricks in their proper place as Amanda takes a slight lead and never relinquishes it. Amanda finishes first and wins Reward. Jeff Probst then allows Amanda to keep it herself, or select one or two other people to join her on the Reward. Amanda decides just to bring Todd since the two haven't had much time to talk strategy alone.

Amanda and Todd sit to enjoy the Reward. Amanda takes advantage of her time alone with Todd and questions his loyalty to her. After the two clear the air, talk turns towards the vote, with Todd stating he is not satisfied with losing to Courtney or Denise and he is with her until the end. Back at camp, Courtney asks Denise whom she wants to vote out next and wastes no time in stating Todd, due to him being untrustworthy.

Todd and Amanda return to camp from their Reward as Todd finds himself alone in the hut with Denise to discuss the vote. Courtney sits nearby, eavesdropping on their conversation. Denise informs Todd that she isn't ready to leave the game yet, while Todd becomes nervous about his position.

I just feel like it's going to go girl power tomorrow and I will probably be the one that's gone.


Denise then asks Todd who he feels has the best chance of winning and he tells her Amanda or Courtney. Courtney takes her newfound information and approaches Amanda to fill her in on what she has learned from Todd and Denise's conversation, Todd asks Amanda and Courtney if Denise is next to go and he receives a yes from Amanda.

I am hoping that Courtney and Amanda are still on the same wavelength as me so that Denise can be the next on the chopping block instead of them going all girl power and voting me out. So paranoia on my side is high and I hate being paranoid, I hate it.


Day 38

The tribe awakens as Todd reads Tree Mail, which instructs them to paddle to the giant statue of Guan Yin, the Chinese goddess of compassion and mercy. As the final four arrives at the steps of the statue and makes their way to the top, they find the torches of those who have been previously voted out. Paying homage to their fallen comrades (Chicken, Ashley, Leslie, Dave, Aaron, Sherea, Jaime, Jean-Robert, Frosti, James, Erik, and Peih-Gee), they light a set of ceremonial firecrackers at each torch and give thanks to their former competitors as they reflect on their time spent in the game.

Upon completing the Rites of Passage, Jeff begins the Final Immunity Challenge as each Survivor awkwardly balances the first plate on their wobbly devices. Some time later, the pressure builds as Todd loses his concentration and balance, sending his stack crashing to the ground, followed shortly by Courtney. Denise seizes the opportunity to strike a deal with Amanda.

Come on Amanda, let's make a deal. I won't write your name down, you won't write mine down.

–Denise (to Amanda)

Amanda doesn't go for Denise's proposal and remains focused, and just before the next stack can be placed, Denise loses balance, giving Amanda immunity. Feeling anxious as the night's vote looms, Denise approaches Amanda back at camp in hopes of convincing her to keep her around, Amanda says how she admires Denise's determination and her never give up attitude as Denise appeals to Amanda's sympathetic side.

This is all I got right now. After this, I have to go back to my family. I am not saying that it's a bad thing. I'm just saying that, you know, that I'm going to go back to making seven dollars an hour working as the lunch lady doing the same things day after day, like I have been doing.


At Tribal Council, Denise helped to seal her fate when she openly admits that she is a threat to win the game, when Denise also claims that Amanda promised to watch her back in the game, Amanda denies it, Todd reacts with a smirk. When questioned about his reaction, Todd explains, that it was sly for her to do that.

When the votes are read, Denise's worst nightmare comes true as Amanda did not turn against Todd, and Denise is voted out of the game, three votes to one.

When the trio returned from Tribal Council, Amanda was upset at Todd for making her look bad at Tribal Council. Todd apologies, telling her that she did not mean to do that and simply wanted to answer Jeff's question. In confessional, Amanda vents her frustration that she took Todd to the end despite not having trusted him for the latter few votes.

Day 39

The final 3 reflect on the previous 38 days going into Tribal Council. They all take pride in that nobody expected this final 3, making their success even more amazing. Todd is at peace with his gameplay, knowing that he only betrayed people because it was necessary to play the game well.


Challenge: Great Wall of Zhelin
Each contestant must race to construct a Survivor version of The Great Wall of China. First, they will start on top of the wall and race down a ladder. Next, they must race to assemble and cross a puzzle bridge. Once across, they will use a traditional Chinese Yoke to stack their puzzle blocks and carry them back through the course up the ladder. Finally, using the puzzle blocks, they must complete their section of the wall by fitting the properly shaped pieces in the correct slots.
Reward: Pizza, beer, brownies, and soft drinks
Winner: Amanda Kimmel (Had the choice to either keep it for herself, share it with 1 person, or choose 2 people to join her. She chose to share with Todd Herzog only.)

Challenge: Broken China
The contestants will stack porcelain dishes on a long, wobbly balancing arm. The more dishes they stack and the longer they must hold them, the more difficult it is to keep them stable. Once a dish falls off of the balancing plate, they are out of the challenge.
Winner: Amanda Kimmel

Tribal Council

Day 38

Tribal Council 13:
Hae Da Fung
S15 denise t.png
Denise (3 votes)
S15 amanda t.pngS15 courtney t.pngS15 todd t.png
Amanda, Courtney, Todd
S15 todd t.png
Todd (1 vote)
S15 denise t.png
S15 denise bw.png
Denise Martin

Voting Confessionals

Todd's confessional and an edited version of Denise's confessional were shown in the episode.

S15 denise t.png

(voting against Todd) Todd, I like you, but I'm gonna have to vote for you 'cause I know you're gonna vote for me tonight. Good luck.

S15 courtney t.png

(voting against Denise) Sorry, babe.

S15 todd t.png

(voting against Denise) One of the greatest competitors in this game so far. You've been awesome to me. Thank you. Denise.

S15 amanda t.png

(voting against Denise) Denise, I love you, girl, but you know why I made this vote. Um, I just... I have to stick with my original alliance, and I feel like I'd do better with them against the end. So, there you are.

Final Words

S15 denise bw.png

I definitely believe I would have won this entire thing if I had stayed in the game. I'm just proud of what I've accomplished. I think I did a great job, I never gave up. And to make it 38 days out here is a spectacular thing for a 40-year-old woman.

Final Tribal Council

Tribal Council 14:
Jury Vote
Voted for
S15 todd t.png
Todd (4 votes)
S15 frosti t.pngS15 jaime t.pngS15 jeanrobert t.pngS15 peihgee t.png
Frosti, Jaime, Jean-Robert, Peih-Gee
S15 courtney t.png
Courtney (2 votes)
S15 denise t.pngS15 james t.png
Denise, James
S15 amanda t.png
Amanda (1 vote)
S15 erik t.png
S15 amanda bw.png
Amanda Kimmel
S15 courtney bw.png
Courtney Yates
S15 todd t.png
Todd Herzog

Voting Confessionals

S15 jaime t.png

(voting for Todd) You did not have my vote coming into this. Um, I'm very impressed with your answers this evening, and that's why you got my vote. So congratulations.

S15 erik t.png

(voting for Amanda) I relate to your struggle to being honest in this game. I think you played the best well-rounded game. So congratulations, wish you the best.

S15 denise t.png

(voting for Courtney) Courtney, I picked you because you always tried to tell me the truth, and you overcame the most odds. Good job, congratulations.

S15 jeanrobert t.png

(voting for Todd) You just stole a million dollars, well played.

Final Results

S15 chicken bw.png
S15 ashley bw.png
S15 leslie bw.png
S15 dave bw.png
S15 aaron bw.png
S15 sherea bw.png
S15 jaime bw.png
S15 frosti bw.png
S15 james bw.png
S15 erik bw.png
S15 peihgee bw.png
S15 denise bw.png
S15 amanda bw.png
S15 courtney bw.png
S15 todd t.png



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