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A Line Drawn in Concrete is the eighth episode of Survivor: Game Changers.


Night 24

The Maku Maku tribe arrives back at camp from Tribal Council, where Ozzy Lusth was voted out. Debbie Wanner had used her Extra Vote advantage to make sure that Ozzy was gone. With a newfound ally in Sarah Lacina, Debbie believes that her Power Six alliance is set for the long haul.

S34 debbie t.png

We have complete control of this game.

Day 25

Day 26


Challenge: O-Black Water
The castaways are divided into two teams of five. One at a time, each castaway will cross an obstacle course. Once all five members have completed the course, they will dive into the water for a grappling hook, which they will use to secure five rings. The first team to grab all their rings wins reward.
Reward: Picnic at the Yasawa Islands
Winners: Blue Team (Andrea Boehkle, Aubry Bracco, Brad Culpepper, Debbie Wanner, and Sierra Dawn Thomas)

Challenge: Got a Hunch
The castaways must stack blocks in a tower on an unstable table. They must pull on a rope to keep the table balanced while retrieving their blocks. The first contestant to stack their blocks to spell "IMMUNITY" wins immunity.
Winner: Troyzan Robertson

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10:
Maku Maku
S34 debbie t.png
Debbie (6 votes)
S34 andrea t.pngS34 aubry t.pngS34 cirie t.png
S34 michaela t.pngS34 sarah t.pngS34 zeke t.png
Andrea, Aubry, Cirie, Michaela, Sarah, Zeke
S34 andrea t.png
Andrea (5 votes)
S34 brad t.pngS34 debbie t.png
S34 sierra t.pngS34 tai t.pngS34 troyzan t.png
Brad, Debbie, Sierra, Tai, Troyzan
S34 debbie bw.png
Debbie Wanner

Voting Confessionals

S34 debbie t.png

(voting against Andrea) Actually, in our six, there are no people who give orders and no people who take orders. It's called a democracy.

S34 andrea t.png

(voting against Debbie) You think you are running the show, but I hope you're in for a really rude awakening. (blows a kiss)

Final Words

S34 debbie bw.png

That was absolutely a blindside. That one I did not see coming. I thought I had a lock, stock, and barrel solid six. And twenty minutes ago I would have told you that six was not going to break, but what surprises me is that anybody would flip, and now is going to be, probably in a worse position. I'm stunned.

Still in the Running

S34 ciera bw.png
S34 tony bw.png
S34 caleb bw.png
S34 malcolm bw.png
S34 jt bw.png
S34 sandra bw.png
S34 jeff bw.png
S34 hali bw.png
S34 ozzy bw.png
S34 debbie bw.png
Maku Maku
S34 andrea t.png
Maku Maku
S34 aubry t.png
Maku Maku
S34 brad t.png
Maku Maku
S34 cirie t.png
Maku Maku
S34 michaela t.png
Maku Maku
S34 sarah t.png
Maku Maku
S34 sierra t.png
Maku Maku
S34 tai t.png
Maku Maku
S34 troyzan t.png
Maku Maku
S34 zeke t.png


Secret Scene

  • Andrea Reaches Out To Zeke: After finding herself on the bottom, a defeated Andrea Boehlke tries to talk to Zeke Smith to figure out his rationale during the events preceding the previous Tribal Council. Instead of patching things up, the rift between Andrea and Zeke only widens as Andrea realizes that Zeke is too smug to see through his faults.[2]

Life at Ponderosa

  • Debbie's Ponderosa[3]

Unaired Confessionals


  • Sarah Lacina has improved over her past placement in this episode.
  • This is the third episode in a row where the eliminated castaway's jury position is the same as it was in one of their previous seasons, as Debbie Wanner was the third jury member in Kaôh Rōng.

Episode Title

  • The episode title is said by Debbie Wanner in reference to how solid she believes her majority alliance is, saying: "There's not a line drawn in the sand, there is a line drawn in concrete."


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