A Leg Up (also known as Free Will) is a recurring endurance challenge in Survivor.


Castaways must balance a ceramic vase on the end of a balance beam with one leg. When they can no longer take the pain or lose their balance, their vase will drop and shatter, eliminating them from the challenge. The last person with an intact vase would win.


The challenge premiered as the final Redemption Island duel in Survivor: Redemption Island. Grant Mattos dropped out first, followed later by Redemption Island champion, Matt Elrod. It came down to Andrea Boehlke and Mike Chiesl, with Mike being unable to keep his vase balanced, allowing Andrea to became the first female to win a duel and re-enter the game.

The challenge reappeared in Survivor: Blood vs. Water, as the final duel between Tina Wesson, Laura Morett, and Hayden Moss. Laura M. struggled throughout the challenge, though Hayden was the first out. Laura M. asked Tina to throw the challenge to her, but the latter said no. Laura M. dropped out second, giving Tina the win and allowing her to re-enter the game.

It reappeared as the final eight Reward Challenge in Survivor: Kaôh Rōng. In a twist, the castaways would only have to outlast the castaways who have chosen the same type of reward as them. Joe del Campo dropped out quickly, allowing Julia Sokolowski to win letters from home. Michele Fitzgerald was able to outlast Kyle Jason and Scot Pollard to win a plate of food and beer. Finally, Tai Trang outlasted Cydney Gillon and Aubry Bracco to win an advantage, later revealed to be an Extra Vote.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
Redemption Island
"Seems Like a No Brainer"
Duel S22 andrea t
Andrea Boehlke
Blood vs. Water
"It's My Night"
Duel S27 tina t
Tina Wesson
Kaôh Rōng
"I'm Not Here to Make Good Friends"
Individual Reward S32 julia t
Julia Sokolowski
S32 michele t
Michele Fitzgerald
S32 tai t
Tai Trang



  • This is one of two recurring challenges that has appeared more times as a Redemption Island duel than it has as a regular challenge, the other one being Game of Bridge.
  • Both times the challenge was used as a duel, it was the last duel of the season.
  • Tai Trang is the only man to win this challenge.


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