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A Closer Look is the recap episode of Survivor: Panama.


New Scenes

  • Tina, Melinda, Misty, Ruth Marie, Bobby, and Dan all give brief statements on their time of the game.
  • On the first night, Bruce couldn't sleep and decided to practice his martial arts.
  • After the Immunity Challenge, Misty implied to her tribe members to have already found the Hidden Immunity Idol. Misty believed that Courtney sees through her bluff. Sally claims that Misty didn't had the idol.
  • On Day 3, Tina was revealed to have found oysters that she kept to herself.
  • On Night 3, Bruce wanted to use the drinking water to rinse off his swollen hands instead of going out in the rain or the ocean.
  • Casaya sang Happy Birthday on Shane's son, Boston. Later, Shane revealed that he had Boston when he was 21.
  • Austin and Sally talk about the latter's home life. Sally was revealed to be estranged from her parents since her divorce.
  • On Day 12, Danielle complains about Bobby not working. Cirie and Danielle joke about Bobby waking up to eat. Later, Bobby and Danielle annoy each other when Bobby was slow to place firewood in the fire.
  • The Casaya tribe uses their toiletries won on Day 9. Courtney wanted the each bar of soap to be used by people of each separate gender and gotten annoyed with Shane using the woman's bar of soap.
  • In the credits, Bobby explains his poses to his tribemates.

Still in the Running

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La Mina
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La Mina
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La Mina
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La Mina
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  • This episode aired on a Wednesday instead of the normal Thursday airdate, due to CBS's coverage of the first round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament.


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