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A Chapera Surprise is the fourteenth episode of Survivor: All-Stars.


Day 31

At the Reward Challenge, Jeff Probst presents to the final six castaways their loved ones. Jeff announces that the challenge is a food eating challenge, but it is not the castaways who will be competing, it is their loved ones. Big Tom's son Bo wins the challenge. In addition, Tom is allowed to pick one more castaway, and that castaway's loved one, to join them on reward. He chooses Boston Rob, and Rob's brother Mike. The four of them spend the night in the former Chapera camp where they get to eat, drink, and party.

Day 32

In the morning, Rob and Tom come back to the Chaboga Mogo camp, bringing their loved ones with them. Tom wants to put Bo to work around camp, while Rob and Mike want to relax and chat with the girls. Rupert takes Bo out and teaches him how to spear fish, however, Bo breaks the spear. Rupert is obviously upset. Finally, Rob and Tom say one last goodbye to their loved ones, and they part.

Day 33

The tribe receives Tree Mail with a clue about the Immunity Challenge. At the challenge, despite Boston Rob taking an early lead, it is Big Tom who ends up winning the challenge. Being the last former Mogo Mogo Alliance member, Shii Ann is voted out at Tribal Council.


Challenge: Survivor Smorgasbord
Simple eating challenge, using food items from places used in previous season. A person is eliminated each round. Fastest to eat the last item in the final round wins.
Reward: Overnight stay with loved one.
Winner: Tom Buchanan (shared with Rob Mariano)

Challenge: Fire And Rain
Castaways will have a very high seesaw-contraption with two small drums, one on each side (the first side has a small hole at the bottom, while their drum was hollowed in the middle). They must create a large fire in the hollowed drum, while filling the other drum with water (the logic is to keep the fire going while filling the water can to rise the fire can). The first person to ignite the fuse on top of their seesaw wins.
Winner: Tom Buchanan

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11:
Chaboga Mogo
S8 shiiann t.png
Shii Ann (5 votes)
S8 amber t.pngS8 jennal t.png
S8 robm t.pngS8 rupert t.pngS8 tom t.png
Amber, Jenna L., Rob M., Rupert, Tom
S8 amber t.png
Amber (1 vote)
S8 shiiann t.png
Shii Ann
S8 shiiann bw.png
Shii Ann Huang

Voting Confessionals

S8 jennal t.png
Jenna L.

(voting against Shii Ann) It's time for you to go, and if you're wondering if you can eat and how much you can, because you think that I monitor that, eat a lot, Shii Ann, eat a lot.

S8 shiiann t.png
Shii Ann

(voting against Amber) Am, this vote is for you out of respect. You are the mastermind right now, so from one she-devil to another, this is the vote I'm casting tonight.

Final Words

S8 shiiann bw.png
Shii Ann

The Shii-Devil did her best. I really tried. I played this game as hard as I could. I played with the best of the best, but you know what? I knew I was outnumbered, and I knew they were gonna vote me off, so I just wanted to warn everyone, don't forget little Amber with her big green eyes and her beautiful smile. Don't forget - she's playing for a million dollars.

Still in the Running

S8 tina bw.png
S8 rudy bw.png
 Jenna M.
S8 jennam bw.png
 Rob C.
S8 robc bw.png
S8 richard bw.png
S8 susan bw.png
S8 colby bw.png
S8 ethan bw.png
S8 jerri bw.png
S8 lex bw.png
S8 kathy bw.png
S8 alicia bw.png
S8 shiiann bw.png
Chaboga Mogo
S8 amber t.png
 Jenna L.
Chaboga Mogo
S8 jennal t.png
 Rob M.
Chaboga Mogo
S8 robm t.png
Chaboga Mogo
S8 rupert t.png
Chaboga Mogo
S8 tom t.png


  • This episode marks the first, and so far only time that the name of a tribe has been mentioned in the title of an episode.
  • After this episode's Tribal Council, Amber Brkich has improved on her original placement finish; she finished 6th place in her original season.
  • The Reward Challenge had a variety of indigenous food used from previous seasons: fish heads from Borneo, cockroaches from Pearl Islands, fafaru from Marquesas, tarantula from Thailand, and whichetty grubs from The Australian Outback.
  • How the Reward Challenge was conducted was an homage to the second Loved Ones Challenge in Thailand.
  • This episode marks the first time Rupert Boneham's wife Laura makes an appearance on Survivor. She would return for the Loved Ones Challenge in Heroes vs. Villains and would then eventually become a castaway in Blood vs. Water.
  • Jenna Lewis's brother Jai became the first family member to be disqualified during the Loved Ones Challenge. Jai had drank some of his water while he was still eating his tarantula dish, which was against the challenge rules.
  • This is the first time a contestant is eliminated from the challenge when they've run out of options (for example, if a contestant runs out of matches and can't light their fire, they're out of the challenge).
  • With Shii Ann Huang's elimination, all the members of the original Mogo Mogo tribe have been eliminated.
  • Shii Ann warned the tribe to look out for Amber in her final words, and was proven right as Amber went on to win All-Stars.
  • Shii Ann's use of the term Pagonging in this episode would allow it to become established terminology of Survivor gameplay in future seasons.
  • Shii Ann is the first returning player to serve as a jury member who previously wasn't a jury member in her first season.


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