Aaron "AK" Knight is a contestant from Australian Survivor (2017) and Australian Survivor: All Stars.

AK started the game off playing aggressively, however, this only isolated himself from his tribe. However, he quickly realized this, and managed to use his position as a swing vote to dismantle the original majority alliance, and quickly taking control of the Samatau tribe. Despite leading Tara Pitt's "elimination", AK was reunited with her once he was swapped over to the Asaga tribe. With only Peter Conte left as an ally, and Tara having already exposed AK as a threat, AK was eliminated in a near-unanimous vote.


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Age: 29
Occupation: Wedding DJ
State: South Australia
Tribe: Samatau

Wedding DJ and self-confessed reality television devotee, Aaron is ready to take on Australian Survivor and knows that sitting around idly is not the way to play. "I want to win and you can't win unless you make big moves.

I want to put into action some of the plays that I have been a fan of for years from watching the show, at least I hope to.

"I love how complex the game is and how many different layers of strategy there are to get to the end. I love that when you get to the end, you have to convince the people you voted out to vote for you to win," he said.

A mad sports fan, Aaron has been with his partner Bec for three years and tears up when thinking about their relationship. Aaron wants to make Bec and his parents proud and hopes to win so that he can buy them some luxuries and put money towards setting up his future family life.

After applying for series one of Australian Survivor, Aaron knew he had to try again for the second season.

"Ever since I started watching the US version, I have wanted to be on it. The minute the Aussie version started, I knew I needed to get on it. Last year was great and I was gunning for Evan, Nick and Phoebe as I thought they were real players and people I wanted to see do well."

Aaron used to be a fence installer and he believes his experience working in the heat and lifting heavy objects for up to 12 hours a day will prepare him well for island life. He has been training daily including weights, core training, balance and lots of swimming, which he admits is his physical weakness.

Using some "loose" morals to play the game, his biggest fear is coming second.

"I don't want to be here for the experience, I want to win."[2]

32, Wedding DJ — Season 2

Anyone who watched Season 2 will remember AK as the sneakiest player on the island. And this time, he says it won't be any different."I feel more relaxed this time, but I don't regret anything I did last time – I played hard, I thought creatively and never gave up. I'm back this time but I haven't changed, I want to win, and I want to have some fun."

Following on from his infamous fake chicken Idol, AK is excited to play some big moves and keep his reputation as someone to keep an eye on! He hopes to make his long-term girlfriend, Bec, proud and the fan community with strong game play and memorable moments.

While he may not be changing his lovable villain ways, AK is going to change the way he plays with the other contestants saying; "I'm going to stroke the egos of everyone there. I'll treat everyone like they're a mate I haven't caught up with for a while. And then I'll strike."

AK continues to be a Wedding DJ when he's home in Adelaide and hopes to see some of his fellow South Australian contestants on the island; Nick from Season 1 and Henry from Season 2.

Getting to that Final Tribal Council is AK's ultimate goal. But he is planning to go step by step and has the plans to get there saying; "I need to make it through that first vote. Then find an Idol. Make merge and past the point of Jury. Win Individual Immunities and take out the win. I need to pay off my house!"[3]

Australian Survivor


A superfan of the show, AK started the game with too much enthusiasm. He had individual and group discussions with everyone on Samatau. Though he developed a quick friendship with Jarrad, he began his awkward relationship with Tara when he tried to talk strategy with her while she was puking. AK also developed a rivalry with Adam when they both went looking for the Hidden Immunity Idol. AK secured the idol, and because Adam was also suspected of finding the idol, the tribe began to worry about him as well. AK would become a part of the new majority alliance that formed to take out Adam, leaving Kate, Tessa, and Mark H. on the bottom. Though AK was initially happy to "Pagong" the outsiders, he knew he was on the bottom of the alliance led by Locky who was close to Aimee and Tara. Despite a strong effort against powerhouses Henry and Mark W. in an endurance challenge, AK could not prevent a fourth consecutive Immunity Challenge loss for Samatau. Tara and Locky decided now was the time to strike against AK, but likewise AK was prepared to make a move. With the help of AK's first attempted alliance of Jarrad and Ziggy, outsider Tessa, and swing vote Peter, he succeeded in blindsiding Aimee on Day 13.

This move saw AK complete a roller coaster first two weeks ending up back in power, which made Tara furious and escalated the conflict between the two players. After a brief immunity win streak following four loses in a row, another Tribal Council loss appeared to give AK the opportunity to take out Tara once and for all. Not only was the Day 20 Tribal Council a surprise Double Elimination, but instead of Tara and Anneliese being voted out, they were swapped onto Asaga.

A second Tribe Switch put AK and Peter into a 5-2 minority on Asaga, where he was reunited with his archenemy Tara. AK knew the situation was dire but did everything in his power to get Tara voted out before himself. Unfortunately for AK, fellow strategist Luke knew how dangerous he was and held control with his allies Jericho, Sarah, and Odette. Tara joined them in voting out AK 4-2-1 on Day 28. Despite not making the merge, Jonathan praised AK at the Reunion Show for his gameplay.

Voting History

AK's Voting History
Episode AK's
Voted Against
1 Samatau Tribe Immune
2 Adam Kate
3 Kate -
4 Tessa1 -
5 Aimee Aimee, Anneliese,
Locky, Tara
6 Samatau Tribe Immune
7 Samatau Tribe Immune
8 Mock Vote2
9 Samatau Tribe Immune
10 Samatau Tribe Immune
11 No Elimination3
12 Tara Jericho, Luke,
Odette, Tara
Voted Out, Day 28

^1 In Episode 4, Tessa used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating AK's vote against her.
^2 In Episode 8, Samatau was subjected to a mock Tribal Council where the players they voted out (Tara and Anneliese) were merely switched to the other tribe.
^3 In Episode 11, after winning the Immunity Challenge on Day 26, Samatau was subjected to a Tribal Council where they would vote for one person to compete for a special reward.

All Stars

Voting History

AK's Voting History
Episode AK's
Voted Against
1 Vakama Tribe Immune
2 Jericho -
3 Jacqui1 -
4 Vakama Tribe Immune
5 Vakama Tribe Immune
6 Vakama Tribe Immune

^1 In Episode 3, Mat used a Hidden Immunity Idol on Jacqui, negating AK's vote against her.



  • AK is the first castaway in Australian Survivor to use a Hidden Immunity Idol but not negate any votes.
  • AK is the first man on Australian Survivor to find a Hidden Immunity Idol without any clues.
  • AK is the first castaway to use a Hidden Immunity Idol for someone else. He used his Hidden Immunity Idol on Jarrad Seng.
  • AK's Hidden Immunity Idol usage on Day 6 marks the earliest time a Hidden Immunity Idol has been used on Australian Survivor.


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