Érick Africaa is a contestant from Koh-Lanta: Palawan.

At the start, the leader of the Guntao tribe, his performances in the challenges were remarkable. He was put in danger during a twist where the Batang had to choose a member of the Guntao. Chosen by the Batang, he found himself in no real alliance. During the ambassadors, Patrick Brasier de Thuy convinced Laurent Boudes to put the vote against Érick. He joins the alliance of the Guntao at the merge but he were voted out, the vote of the ambassadors were decisive. Allowing the Batang to be in majority.


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Érick est un sage, un coach sportif qui s'occupe tant des corps que des esprits. Âgé de 32 ans, il vit toujours à cent à l'heure. Il aurait aimé être un " super " danseur de hip hop. Compétitif et fier de l'être, il n'a qu'une idole : sa mère.


During the marooning, Denis Brogniart presented the Race to Shore challenge to the contestants, in which the first male and first female contestants to retrieve a bamboo section from a tree upon arriving at the shore would win an advantage. Érick and Jade Handi won the challenge and the advantage, which made them tribe captains and granted them the right to form their tribes in a Schoolyard Pick. In order, Érick selected Grégoire Gorge, Laurent Boudes, Chloé Vavasseur, Adrien Torrin, Filomène Mendonca, Pascale Bodin, and Véronique Lambert to be on the Guntao tribe. Érick formed close bonds with Grégoire and Filomène and, over the first few cycles, he was well-respected and liked as the tribe's leader and as a force in challenges.

Unfortunately, his positive reception at the Guntao tribe came to bite him in the fourth cycle. When the Batang tribe won the fourth Reward Challenge on Day 11, they were rewarded with the right to permanently kidnap one of the members of the Guntao tribe as part of a tribe switch. The Batang tribe chose Érick because of his challenge prowess and because they felt that his absence from the Guntao tribe would destabilize them. Érick initially had difficulty integrating himself into the Batang tribe, however, his strength in challenges and his charismatic demeanour soon boosted his rapport with his new tribemates and more of them felt that he deserved to stay. Érick formed a friendship with Simon Quintilla, but remained on edge around Patrick Brasier De Thuy as Patrick felt that Érick would never be a true Batang member since he hadn't been with them since Day 1. Meanwhile, the Guntao tribe recovered from their loss of Érick quickly and didn't hold back in challenges. When the Batang tribe lost the fourth Immunity Challenge, Érick received a vote from Patrick at Tribal Council, but was ultimately spared by the rest of the tribe over Mélanie Guyon, who had been performing mediocrely in challenges over the past few cycles. In spite of their respect for him, Érick's tribemates were concerned over where his loyalties would like come the merge. In turn, Érick figured that he was in the hot seat and felt more certain of his status when Patrick asked him to decide who to sit out of the sixth Immunity Challenge so that he would take responsibility for the tribe's outcome. Fortunately, the Batang tribe did not lose any more Immunity Challenges and its six members, including Érick, made the merge.

Before the tribes merged, the Batang tribe assigned Patrick as their Ambassador and, before going to meet the Guntao tribe's Ambassador Laurent, Patrick asked his tribemates who they would want to be the Ambassadors' vote. All of the tribe agreed upon Grégoire as their first pick because of his challenge prowess and poor sportsmanship during tribal challenges, with the exception of Érick due to his amity with Grégoire. At the Ambassadors' Meeting, when Laurent turned down Patrick's suggestion about Grégoire being the Ambassadors' vote, Patrick suggested Érick, who turned out to be the Batang tribe's second pick. Laurent was initially reluctant about this, but he was swayed when Patrick told him that Érick was "neither a Batang nor a Guntao" and that Laurent was Érick's first pick for the Ambassadors' vote. The evening after the tribes merged, when Érick learned why Laurent agreed upon his name, he told Laurent that Patrick was not telling the truth and that Kevin Cuoco was his first pick. With Érick reuniting with his old allies, the original Guntao tribe members planned to vote Patrick out at the merged tribe's first Tribal Council for his duplicity and tried to convince Maryline Hemelsdael and Simon to vote in a different direction than Érick. However, after Érick lost the first individual Immunity Challenge, Maryline and Simon remained loyal to the original Batang tribe members and sorrowfully contributed to eliminating Érick in a 6-5 vote.

Three days after Érick's elimination, the four remaining original Guntao tribe members received a message in a bottle from Érick wishing them a good game and advising them to not trust the original Batang tribe members. All of the original Guntao tribe members but Filomène had an ungrateful reception, claiming that the letter was nice but also that they wish he had sent food too.

Voting History

Érick's Voting History
Episode Érick's
Voted Against
1 Pascale -
2 Guntao Tribe Immune
3 Guntao Tribe Immune
4 Mélanie Patrick
5 Batang Tribe Immune
6 Batang Tribe Immune
7 Patrick Ambassadors1, Jade, Kevin,
Maryline, Patrick, Simon
Voted Out, Day 22

^1 As the two ambassadors for the merge tribe, Laurent and PAtrick had to cast an extra vote for someone at the first post-merge Tribal Council. They chose to cast an extra vote against Érick.

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