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New Category?

I was wondering if there could be a category created for tribe names that are portmanteaus.

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• 1/5/2019

Season Concept - Survivor: No Remorse

So last night I was thinking about what Survivor would be in an all villain setting. A group of castaways that were known for backstabbing, manipulation, deception, or just being a complete a-hole. That seems like an interesting season. Then I thought the title, Survivor: No Remorse, would be the perfect name for this type of season.

Do you guys like it?

If so who would you like to be on the final cast?

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• 1/3/2019

Who has a better chance of being cast on Survivor?

I mean, I'm pretty sure it's not only charisma and looks that bring you in the show, right? Maybe what I'm asking is dumb but I'm not sure about who could have a better chance of getting in the show as a contestant. For now I've noticed some stuff:

- There's at least one sports player that is recognized on television (I think?). Either it's a NFL player or something else like John Hennigan with wrestling. I also noticed Scot Pollard from Kaoh Roang and I've seen several others

- There's at least one member of the military forces, or at least a member from a police department. Lately we had Dan, Angela, Ben and I noticed there were several others, even Iraq veterans.

- I don't know if the very young contestant trend will go on but I imagine there's at least a contestant who is about 18/19/20...or something like that. Like Jessica Peet and Michael Yerger for example. If it's not that, there's at least a student of whatever.

- Some people have already worked for CBS in one occasion...I guess. The only example I've got is Christian Hubicki who had some of his creations on national television. I think that helped him out but I'm not sure. I guess Mike White fits in this category since he helped production already.

- Relationships with winners or past contestants help? From what I remember Angelina revealed that a reason she was chosen was because she was friends with Adam Klein but that's the only example, again.

Maybe I'm wrong but I'd love to discuss about this. Maybe there's stuff that can help people getting noticed a tad??

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• 1/2/2019

Survivor: Battle of the Borders

I was thinking for you, Survivor, in honor of Canadians being able to apply for Survivor, do an America vs. Canada theme! It would have 22 castaways, with the America tribe wearing dark blue, and the Canada tribe wearing dark red! The America buffs would have stars on them, and the Canada buffs would have maple leaves! This would be an awesome s40 by the way. Hope you consider it! (I am Canadian and would like to apply for this season lol)

What do you think?
  • Yes! Totally do this season!
  • No, it sound like a different s40nwould be better.
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• 12/30/2018

Add Gun Hand on a Survivor Scene

I posted this thread on a Survivor FB group called "Zoe's Lobster Shack" headed by the writer of the Funny 115, Mario Lanza, and decided to bring this here to kill some off-season time.

Reimagine a Survivor scene with a gun hand edited in it. I'll start with this:

(for reference: https://kimbosf.files.wordpress.com/…/hand-holding-gun-1-ps…)

I'll start with this:

"Now Natalie, can I have your jacket?"

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• 12/22/2018


Hey guys, Ian here, and I'm happy to announce that there will be a fantasy league for Edge of Extinction! Just note that the following rules and point system are still subject to change, but overall I'm satisfied with what I've come up. I'm just posting this early so everyone can read in advance.

General Rules:

1. Each participant must have a Wikia account. If you don't have one, sign up now.

2. Each participant will choose four (4) castaways to root for. A separate sign-up thread will be posted once the cast is fully revealed.


4. Sockpuppetry (defined by Wikia as a person having multiple accounts, with each account posing as a different person) is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Those who will be caught having sockpuppets will be disqualified from the game.

5. After I post the scores for the week, bonus questions for the following week will also be posted. The deadline of answering is 24 hours before the east coast airing. Unlike last season, BQs will be answered through Google Docs. Because of this, players may no longer change answers.

6. Only those who have signed up for the fantasy game pre-game may answer bonus questions.


A) Confessionals

+1 per every confessional aired 

-2 if player did not have confessionals for the week.

B) Camp Life

+2 if seen collecting water from the well

+2 if seen fishing or collecting food

+3 if seen collecting firewood

+4 if seen successfully making fire 

C) Challenges

+2 for winning a standalone Reward Challenge 

+3 for winning a standalone Immunity Challenge

+5 for winning a combined Reward/Immunity Challenge

+1 per every reward invitee

D) Hidden Immunity Idols/Advantages

+1 for finding a clue to an idol/advantage

+2 for obtaining an idol/advantage with a clue

+3 for obtaining an idol/advantage without a clue

+1 for playing an idol/advantage, but not didn't affect the outcome of the vote

+3 for correctly using an idol/advantage

+4 for correctly using an idol/advantage on someone else

-2 if the idol/advantage is flushed for whatever reason

-3 if voted out with an unused idol/advantage

-1 for playing a fake idol.

+2 for making a fake idol, but only if the fake idol was attempted to be played.

+2 for keeping an idol past the final opportunity to play it

E) Tribal Council

+2 if player's vote is for the eventual eliminated castaway

+2 if player did not receive votes (castaway with individual immunity does not count)

+3 if player survived Tribal Council without individual immunity

+1 if player was chosen by the Day 38 immunity winner to be part of the final three

+3 if player won the Day 38 fire-making challenge

-20 if player quit or was evacuated due to illness, injury or family emergency

-25 if player was voted out/lost the rock draw/lost the Day 38 fire-making challenge

-30 if player quit due to lack of will to continue or got disqualified  

F) Redemption Island

+10 if player won the duel

-10 if player lost the duel

+15 if player returned to the game

+10 if player returned to the game and won the following Immunity Challenge

G) Final Tribal Council

+1 if juror voted for the eventual winner (example: if Sue voted for Richard to win and Richard wins, the +1 counts for Sue) 

-10 for the zero-vote finalist

+10 for the second runner-up (voided if zero-vote finalist)

+20 for the first runner-up

+40 for the Sole Survivor

H) Reunion

-5 if player either was absent at the reunion or walked off the set

-2 if player did not get to speak at the reunion

+3 if player got to speak at the reunion

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• 12/21/2018


Sorry for posting this late. I was at a watch party the day of the finale, and had to do some paperwork the next day.

For the winner of this season's fantasy league... no it's not UninterestingFool/Ghoul or Jwhite32. Fool would have won the fantasy league by 13 points, but made one crucial mistake: Not following instructions. I did not accept Lightpink's because his answers did not /completely/ follow instructions, and in the interest of fairness, I made the executive decision not to accept Fool's answer.



1) RedDragon1024 (467)

2) Jwhite32 (414)

3) UninterestingFool (364, you could've won, man!)

4) IAmNothing712 (360)

5) TubbzyWubbzy (339)

6) Huyopa2001 (330)

7) TimousBlack (326; highest leap this season)

8) Hindemith92 (323)

9) Atrain73 (267)

10) Rony419 (247)

See you next season!

Dropbox - Fantasy League.xlsx
Dropbox - Fantasy League.xlsx www.dropbox.com
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• 12/20/2018
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• 12/20/2018

Survivor David vs. Goliath: Season Discussion

I did this a few months ago with Ghost Island, so I'm doing it again. An overall discussion about the season as a whole. I'll set up some questions to lay the foundation here:

1. Was it a good season?

2. What could've been done better?

3. Thoughts about the Sole Survivor?

4. Best player this season?

5. Worst player this season?

6. Most shocking moment?

7. Best blindside?

8. Best overall move?

9. Anyone you'd like to see return?

10. Was this season a significant improvement from the last three? (Arguably three of the most poorly received seasons of this era of Survivor)

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• 12/17/2018

Survivor-Related Fonts

Here are the fonts that were used over the course of the Survivor series. Take note this list is non-exhaustive.

"Survivor" - Survivant

Outwit/Outplay/Outlast - Block Berthold

Confessionals - Cutamond Basic / Day24

Borneo (flags) - TemplateGothicBold

Australian Outback - (currently unknown)

Flags from Africa to Amazon - Block Berthold

Pearl Islands - (currently unknown)

All-Stars-Vanuatu - Papyrus

Palau - Stencil

Guatemala - Kon Tiki Trader Jf Regular

Exile Island - Kon Tiki Hula

Cook Islands (flags) - Apple Chancery

Opening sequence text from Cook Islands to Micronesia - Xband Rough

Fiji - (currently unknown)

China - Azuki

Micronesia - Wichita Black

Gabon - Cutamond Basic / Day24

Tocantins - Papyrus

Samoa - Cutamond Basic / Day24

Heroes vs. Villains - Survivant

Nicaragua - A Charming Font

Redemption Island - Hobo Std

South Pacific - Kon Tiki Hula

One World - Creaky Frank (modified)

Philippines - Nuku Nuku

Caramoan - Pompeia Std Inline

Blood vs. Water - Totally Glyphic

Cagayan - Keymasyuran Jawa (modified)

San Juan del Sur - VoodooHouse

Worlds Apart - (made by production)

Cambodia - Anglo-Angkor (modified)

Kaoh Rong - Croteau

Millennials vs. Gen X - SRG Marker

Game Changers - Prequel Rough

HHH - P22 Operina

Ghost Island - Immi 505

David vs. Goliath - (currently unknown)

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• 12/14/2018

My Fan Fiction Series Reboot

Hey, those who've been here in Survivor Wiki long enough know that I write fan fiction Survivor since 2011 and stopped in my 10th season, Survivor: The Caribbean (found in Survivor Fanon Wiki). I has halfway done writing my 11th season, Hundred Islands, but I felt burned out and uninspired. Now I feel more inspired rebooting my latest season. Hopefully you take a read!

IAmNothing712/Survivor: Hundred Islands
IAmNothing712/Survivor: Hundred Islands Survivor Wiki
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• 12/13/2018


First of all, I would like to thank everyone who participated in this season's fantasy league. This is my first time hosting and playing so it's been an awesome ride from start to finish. Now to end this season's fantasy league, you can win more than 100 points! Those who haven't participated or whose draft picks have been obliterated may still compete!


For each question with an asterisk (*), kindly rank the final six in an order from most likely to be the answer to the question to least likely. If the first in your rank is eliminated in the final six round, your second choice will be counted in the final five round, and so on. For example if the question is, "Who will win immunity?" under the "Final Five" category, and your top answer in that question got voted out in the final six round, the player you ranked second will be considered.


1) Who will win immunity? 5 points

2) Will the challenge also have a reward up for grabs? 4 points

3) If so, who will be invited to the reward? Give two names. 4 points per correct guess.

4) Who will be voted out? 15 points

5) Will an idol be available? 5 points

6) Will Elizabeth wear a hat? 4 points

7) Will it rain at Tribal Council? 4 points

8) Who will be voted out, a David or a Goliath? 4 points


1) Who will win immunity? 7 points*

2) Who will be voted out? 20 points*

3) Who will sit in the middle? 5 points*

4) Will it rain at Tribal Council? 4 points


1) Who will win the final Immunity Challenge? 10 points*

2) Who will be taken to the final three? 5 points*

3) Who will lose the fire-making challenge? 10 points*


1) Which finalist will speak first? 5 points*

2) Which juror will speak first? 7 points

3) Which juror will vote first? 5 points

4) Will there be a tie? 5 points

5) Will there be a "no-votes" finalist? 5 points

6) Who will win the title of Sole Survivor? 15 points

7) What will be the vote margin of the Final Tribal Council? 5 points


1) Deadline for entries will be 24 hours before the east coast broadcast.

2) Participants may edit their answers as much as they want until the deadline.

3) Only those who signed up for the fantasy game pre-season may answer.

Good luck!

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• 12/13/2018

David vs. Goliath Fantasy League Leaderboard (Week 12)

Christian, a fan favorite has been voted out, causing more loss of points this week. Jwhite32 remains on top for the fourth consecutive week.

1) Jwhite32 (391)

2) UninterestingFool (350)

3) RedDragon1024 (328)

4) IAmNothing712 (293)

5) Huyopa2001 (274)

6) Atrain73 (257)

7) MRace2010 (243)

8) Hindemith92 (241)

9) TubbzyWubbzy (240)

10) Steph94431 (214)

Get ready for the finale bonus questions! It's a biggie!

Dropbox - Fantasy League.xlsx
Dropbox - Fantasy League.xlsx www.dropbox.com
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• 12/13/2018

Survivor: David vs Goliath Ep. 12 Discussion Thread

Pretty good episode going into finale. Here are some highlights for me:

-Nick’s idol strategy (which was good but should’ve been done at Final Six), and Davie seeing right through it, and getting the idol himself!

-Angelina’s begging continuing (Can I be on the reward?), though how she acted afterwards was rather childish IMO.

-Mike, the most David-like Goliath winning immunity, and getting rid of Christian, the most Goliath-like David ;(.

-Davie not being an idiot like Chris from last season, and not risking his vote just to add power to his idol.

-Both my fantasy picks survived!

P.S., Any finale predictions?

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• 12/13/2018

Season 40?

I'm new to this wiki, but have been on others, so let me know if I'm doing things wrong at all, but after missing the last 2 seasons of Survivor I have tuned in for David vs. Goliath and have started looking to see what the future holds. I've seen a cast list for Season 38, and I have heard there is already casting calls for season 39, and I have seen a lot of speculation for Season 40, so I was wondering what people's thoughts on a season 40 theme would, but OR if you have heard actual spoilers on the theme. People have been tossing around all winners, but that doesn't seem practical. I would love Heroes vs. Villains 2.

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• 12/9/2018

Crazy question...

After 25 or 30 days into the season, why is it that the ladys don't look like they have a forest in their armpits? Seems unnatural to me. Not being ignorant. Just very curious as to how that is.

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• 12/7/2018

Question about this season!

I really didn't notice this until now, but why aren't the castaways this season wearing their swimsuits? There is only seven castaways left and they still don't have their swimsuits! Don't they usually get them when they merge?

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• 12/6/2018

David vs. Goliath Fantasy League Leaderboard (Week 11; CORRECTED)

Despite everyone from last week's top six getting a huge deduction as all of them chose Gabby, there's not much movement in this week's leaderboard. Jwhite32 remains on top for the third week in a row, but UninterestingFool/Ghoul is only behind him by 5 points.


1) Jwhite32 (357)

2) UninteresingFool (352)

3) RedDragon1024 (310)

4) IAmNothing712 (308)

5) TubbzyWubbzy (251)

6) Huyopa2001 (249)

7) Atrain73 (246)

8) MRace2010 (240)

9) Rony419 (225)

10) Hindemith92 (212)

Dropbox - Fantasy League.xlsx
Dropbox - Fantasy League.xlsx www.dropbox.com
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• 12/6/2018

David vs. Goliath Fantasy League Bonus Questions (Episode 12)

1) Who will win reward? 3 points

2) Who will be taken to the reward? Give two names. 4 points per correct guess

3) Who will win immunity? 5 points

4) Who will be voted out tonight? 10 points

5) Who will find the Hidden Immunity Idol? 4 points

6) Who will vote first? 3 points

7) Who will vote last? 3 points

8) Who will be seen sleeping in/lying down the hammock? 4 points

9) Will Elizabeth wear a hat at Tribal Council? 4 points

10) Who will sit in the middle at Tribal Council? 3 points

11) Next boot: David or Goliath? 3 points

12) What will be the margin of the next vote: 4-3, 5-2, 3-2-2, 6-1 or none of the above? 5 points (If none of the above, 5 points will be given to everyone)

13) Who will say the episode title? 4 points

14) Who will be the first person Probst talks to at Tribal Council? 3 points

15) Will there be an idol play? 4 points


1) In case events in the intervening days will render a question invalid (Example: An episode preview deliberately reveals who spoke the first confessional and the episode title), that question will be voided.

2) Only those who have signed up for the fantasy league pre-season may participate.

3) The participants whose drafts have been completely eliminated from the game may still answer bonus questions.

4) You may edit your answers as much as you like, but keep in mind that answers must be submitted 24 HOURS BEFORE THE EAST COAST AIRING. I've capitalized this for a reason. :)

5) "No"/"Nobody" is an option!

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• 12/6/2018

Survivor David vs. Goliath: Ep. 11 Discussion

So far, nobody's won immunity twice. That's both impressive and kind of sad.

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